Family Service Partner Application Letter

Paper Type:  Application letter
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Wordcount:  585 Words
Date:  2022-05-06

Dear teachers,

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It is my pleasure to write to you as a new family service partner wishing to work in your school as from the beginning of the academic year 2018-19. My name is @@@@ from El Salvador but I have lived in the United States of America for 20 years. I have two teenagers whom I live with. I am a student undertaking a bachelor's degree. However, I have 8 years of experience in the program and I have worked in Alexandria, Stafford, and Clarendon. I wish to expand my experience by working with you since my caseload has been moved to your area. It is important to inform you that I work full time.

My passion is to work with families to enhance my productivity, organizational skills and practice. It is my strong belief that if our families invest rightly in children during early years, the benefits would not only be for the family but also for the society in general. This will be a transformative approach of enriching our society with productive and responsible men and women in the future.

It will be of great honor to work with an experienced group of professionals such as you. I look forward to learning more to become a better serviceman. As well, it is my prayer that I become a blessing to the institution and be part of achieving the set goals and objectives. It will be my delight to gain more knowledge and experience in order to serve better in the program.

I have strong communication skills and an ability to work with young team members, family members and behavioral health professional. I value services that are friendly, helpful, accessible and flexible and as such, I am respectful, motivated and self-disciplined with good common sense. More importantly, I have good working knowledge of children services as well as ability to understand and respect diverse cultures and family differences.

I work with my partner, Ms. @@@@, who is in-charge of attendance and handling of major cases in the program. My duties include enrolling children. In this role, I am tasked with the responsibility of recording the personal details of the child such as name, age, sex, address, the name of parent or guardian and immunization records. As well, I do undertake meeting follow-ups. In this, I write down the action points during the meeting and thereafter prioritize the tasks arrived at in the meetings. Through delegation and/or networking I manage to have all tasks fully attended. Thereafter, I record all the actions taken in a running checklist as I keep an eye on the progress of the activities. Lastly, I am tasked with the role of solving minor cases involving the children on board. The responsibilities include counseling the child or contacting the parent or guardian in light of the circumstance depending on the nature of the case. However, the case should be minor that can be solved via the phone or in a friendly meeting.

I, therefore, request for particulars of orientation schedule especially date and time that will take place at the beginning of the academic year. I am apologetic for the urgency of this matter but I hope you will arrange for the required assistance. In my previous school, teachers were in-charge of reserving space for orientation and the equipment required. It will be of great help for you to assist in that line.

Thank you in advance for giving me the opportunity to serve as your new family service partner.

Yours Sincerely,

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