Essay Example on Giftedness: Definitions & Perspectives According to Joseph S. Renzulli

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There are various definitions of giftedness concerning the field of education concerning epistemology according to Joseph S. Renzulli. When one is told that their child is gifted there is a specific meaning behind this definition. Some of the giftedness definitions are not agreed upon universally. In the asynchronous development perspective, giftedness is defined as the cognitive abilities that are advanced together with a heightened intensity which combine to create awareness and the inner experience which appear to be different concerning the norm based on the qualitative analysis. The asynchrony is known to increase as a result of increased intellectual capacity whereby any uniqueness results to those who are gifted to be modified through teaching, parenting and also counseling to ensure that they develop optimally. Joseph S. Renzulli considers giftedness in students or the children as a way of revealing the capability of high achievement in several areas that includes artistic, intellectual, leadership capacity, creativity or in some specific academic fields are highly associated with the interest of providing every service in a manner that is not just ordinary

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The giftedness in children is defined through the use of realities and myths in three typical characteristics such as precocity, a rage to master and an insistence based on marching to their drummer. In this context, the precocity is whereby the gifted children are known to start taking the first steps in mastering some of the domains which occur at an earlier than the expected average age. These children are known to make more rapid progress in the area when they are compared to ordinary children since learning seems very easy for them. Gifted children are capable of learning a quantitatively different way even though they can also learn faster than healthy children. Another definition according to Joseph S. Renzulli is that gifted students are known as the talented individuals who are capable of demonstrating levels of aptitude that are outstanding which might occur in one or more domain.

The ways of knowing are displayed through the use of various learning theories concerning how people learn, and this includes sensory stimulation theory, facilitation theory, and action learning theory among many. According to Joseph S. Renzulli there is an aspect of pursuing theoretical contributions as well as practical which in this context allows the individuals to get in touch with sounds, sights, real schools smells and also the classrooms together with the political challenges faces by people working together with them. Theories are required to be compatible concerning the realities in the field and lack of this they have no impact. In some cases whereby the practical and theoretical aspect is combined in the area, they may have a negative effect about the approach which might include the poorly implemented practices.

The process of implementation of learning theories or the practice in the field appears to be more important than the idea based on object scrutiny. Negative impacts in this context are seen to have some value which may be used to point out that the origin of ideas lacks the proper conditions which are meant to be implemented. Joseph S. Renzulli highlights the three rings based on the conception of giftedness. This work appears to have brought up controversy making several speakers and authors weave into their work even though they have topics that they are addressing. The triad model and three-ring conception based on Giftedness can challenge the traditional orthodox. Various ways are involved in the development of giftedness focusing on the creativity, education and the talent of the individuals. The event is mainly based on concentrating the evolution models which are meant to assist in identifying and meeting the needs of the students who are talented and also gifted. Though in some cases it becomes a bit difficult in reflecting upon the original work form a perspective of many years back. There is a lot of significance in developing high levels based on the potential in young people. The talent in them should be identified and nurtured accordingly. This goes hand in hand with the giftedness in these students.


Joseph S. Renzulli is known to consider several factors that are crucial to the development of giftedness behavior in children. The gifted students have a brain that functions faster than other students. This is because the gifted mind is much different from the neurotypical brain. The talented mind is weird in the processing of ideas since it carries the larger volume of the brain. Intelligence is mostly associated with the size of the brain. This is illustrated in the science fiction perspective where the giant brains are believed to be the smartest. Those people who are gifted do not have bigger brains when compared to the average, but the regional brain volume is quite large within some regions of the brain. There is a high volume of grey matter in the mind that is known to compute information at a very high rate suggesting qualitative differences.

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