Essay Sample on Classroom Management Plan: Essential for Better Student-Teacher Relationships

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It is essential to have a proper class management plan is to help in holding students responsible for their behaviors without having to scold, yell, or lecture. When well organized, a classroom management plan ensures there is no need to use such stressful and counterproductive methods. It makes it easier to demand more responsible behavior without having to cause resentment and friction (Mitchell, 2019). It, in turn, allows the teacher to have a better relationship with their students. There are various ideas that the teacher can incorporate in their classroom management plan for better results.

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Students must incorporate collaboration for better management of the classroom. A partnership is essential between students, between students and teachers, and between educators and parents. The partnership enables the student to learn the skills of collaboration and compromise (Hengpiya, 2017). Proper cooperation between all members of the classroom ensures that the students get the attention, time, and the required level of instructions. Collaboration between parents and educators helps to foster positive behavior among the students as they learn the importance of education and get behavioral support both inside and outside the classroom.


An active classroom is vital for the proper performance of a class. It is essential to have a respectful dialogue between the teacher and the students to ensure understanding of a given set of instructions (Hengpiya, 2017). When communicating, choose words that are appropriate and noninflammatory. It is also essential for the listeners to maintain eye contact and focus on the speaker. It is also essential to use different techniques of communication to ensure everyone understands what is said. It will help to ensure positive behavior is enforced in the classroom, making it safe.

Problem Solving

As a teacher, it is crucial to engage the students in solving problems that arise in the classroom. It makes them own the problem and come up with the best solutions to solving it. As such, the answer should be reasonable, respectful, related, and helpful. There is a challenge as most of the time, think of punishment before solutions (Mohammed & Elsunni, 2017). When coming up with problem-solving solutions, it is essential to listen to the views of the students before concluding. The teacher can also let the children vote for the solution that they feel suits them best. This method will assist in enforcing better behavior among the students.

Teaching Classroom Safety

Safety in the classroom makes it easier for the teacher to communicate effectively with the students. When students feel safe in the class, they are more likely to participate in classroom activities and ask questions. To ensure safety in the classroom, ensure that the room clean, well-organized, and inviting (Baker, 2018). The class should get well arranged so that it is easy to access all the resources needed. It is also important to supervise the students and make sure they feel safe to participate and ask questions.

Time Management

Time management helps the teacher and the students organize their activities effectively, ensuring that unnecessary time-consuming behaviors are eliminated or minimized (Mohammed & Elsunni, 2017). The students should get taught how to plan and establish routines that reduce wastage of time. It is also essential to develop a classroom environment that helps in the smooth transition from one activity to another. Proper time management in the classroom teaches students to be responsible people and well disciplined.

Working Well with Others

For effective classroom management, it is essential to ensure that everyone has a positive relationship with others to ensure they work well together. It is, therefore, vital to set the guidelines and rules to be used in the classroom to ensure everyone is cooperative. It will make sure the students understand what they are responsible for and when (Baker, 2018). Working well with others in the classroom makes it easier for the students to understand and learn from one another.

Monitor Equipment and Student Use

As a teacher, it is essential to monitor how students use various equipment. This will ensure that the material gets used in the right way for the safety of everyone in the classroom (Mitchell, 2019). Through this, the learning experience of the students will be improved and avoid distractions in the class. It will have a positive effect on the behavior and performance of the students.


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