Paper Example on Vaping: A Growing Risk for Students?

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Date:  2023-11-06

Vaping has become a common habit among students in schools across the United States today. Vaping involves the act of inhaling vapor produced by heating a battery-powered e-cigarette. Most of the vapor inhaled may contain a considerable amount of nicotine (an addictive substance in tobacco) and other toxic chemical substances. A lack of significant research on the side effects of vaping has increased its popularity among young people across the country. Still, one thing is evident from users that vaping is highly addictive. While most people take vaping for fun, it is hard to ignore the possible health complications that may result from constant vaping. Although there is limited awareness about health effects resulting from vaping, exposure to nicotine and other chemicals may pose significant health issues on the users. It is critical to promote education about the harm caused to individual health.

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There are various reasons why vaping has become common in society. While some people argue that vaping is an essential alternative to quit smoking, there is a wide range of people who engage in vaping for fun. Due to the amount of nicotine present in the content, many students have found vaping as a temporary way to avoid stress, especially during winter. Besides, teens believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Unlike cigarette vaping has a lower per-user cost, and the availability of flavoring products, including apple and watermelon, makes it more attractive and appealing among users. Although all these arguments have been brought up to promote vaping, what is more, concerning the habit is the number of people, especially the students taking up the habit (Healthline). Also, it is an alternative way of consuming nicotine, which leads to similar health issues associated with other forms of consumption.

There is a wide range of health effects related to vaping. The habit is not only harmful students, who form the highest percentage of users but also every other user. Following multiple studies since 2018, evidence has started to stack in about a once thought to be harmless behavior. According to research vaping may lead to lung damage and other health issues associated with nicotine use. Vaping, as noted above, has been proven to be highly addictive among users. Just a moment that a person kicks the habit, the user's body feels the difference causing the body to detect its benefit almost immediately (Healthline). This makes it hard for users to stop.

While quitting vaping may be difficult, the user's body starts to realize the benefits once the habit is withdrawn. For instance, according to research, in as little as 30 minutes of quitting vaping, the user's heart rate returns to normal, their blood pressure drops, normalizing blood circulation within the body. Also, the two main ingredients in an e-cigarette – vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol emits chemicals that may cause considerable damage to the respiratory system, including difficulties in breathing, among others. When one quits vaping, breathing becomes less strenuous, and sufficient airflow in the respiratory system is assured (Holland). Besides, leaving a vaping-free life reduces the chances of heart attack, thus promoting healthy living.


Vaping is dangerous and harmful to students' health. Although the effects may not be realized immediately, considerable consequences may be experienced later in life. Contrary to the widespread view, vaping causes lung problems, brain damage, and other health issues that may lead to death.

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