Explaination of Expectations About Own Work Role as Expressed in Relevant Standards

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Date:  2021-12-02

Explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards.

Expectations of Work Role: Policies and Procedures

In my setting all policies and procedures are kept in the main office and are available to view at all times. It is very important that I am familiar with these policies and follow them at all times.

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Expectations of Work Role: Safeguarding and Confidentiality

In my setting there is a safeguarding folder and it is my responsibility to read this file and keep up to date with any changes or amendments that may arise. This is important as I need to know what to do when I think there is a safeguarding issue with any child/children.

I must follow the confidentiality policy and not discuss any information about children, their families and sensitive information about school matters to anyone unless there is an appropriate reason to do so.

Expectations of Work Role: Health & Safety, EYFS, and Administration

Following the health & safety policy I must record any accidents in the relevant accident book and fill an accident slip in to send home to notify the parent/carer of their child??™s accident. Check the furniture, equipment and toys are safe for children to use before the children come into the setting and report any hazards/faulty equipment to the appropriate person as soon as possible.

In regards to the EYFS I promote the development of language and literacy through talking, telling stories, singing songs and rhymes. I encourage all children to interact and work co-operatively with others and engage in all activities. I also support the inclusion and acceptance of all children within the setting.

All part time members of staff should sign in and out in the book located in the office. Full time members of staff only need to sign in and out if they leave the premises during the official school times.

As we have an outstanding healthy school award we need to maintain the high standards of healthy eating making sure the children have healthy lunch boxes and we also provide hot meals, which caters vegetarians as well.

First aid box situated in the staff room on the wall if needed and to get our first aider mrs Dycer if needed.

In the event of a serious injury send for: first aider/then head teacher/other member of staff/ambulance/parent.

My role as a teaching assistant are supporting teaching and learning through general classroom support e.g working with individuals, groups, managing resourses etc. under the direction of the teacher. Working on specific intervention programmes with identified children eg. ELS, springboaed. Supporting the reduction of workload linked to the 24 tasks. Undertaking work related to the day to day running of the school identified by the headteacher. TA duties include playgroung duty and our timetables remain flexable depending on the needs of the school and the children. We also supervise at lunch times to help children if necessary, reminding children to talk quietly and encouraging senior pupils in their role of supporting younger children.


Ongoing records/mark books should record children who have completed tasks/not achieved. We also do individual records on childrens reading and quick maths.

Fire Drill

Teaching and support staff on the premises are to go to their assembly point and assist in the supervision of the children. Registers will be bought to staff by the office staff and to do a head count.


Corridors/cloakrooms; any fallen coats or bags I will pick up or get the children to do it and make them aware. It is my responsibility for overseeing and ensuring that equiptment and furniture in the classroom does not give risk to the health and safety of pupils or any other person. A full copy of the fire drill procedure and fire safety is available from the office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Essay:

What are the expectations regarding policies and procedures in the work role described?

Work requires being familiar with and adhering to all policies and procedures stored at the main office, accessible at all times for viewing. Adherence is vital to ensure proper conduct and compliance in any setting.

What responsibilities are associated with safeguarding and confidentiality in the described work role?

Work Roles include reading the safeguarding folder and remaining up-to-date on any changes or amendments, being aware of how to respond to safeguarding issues affecting children, as well as adhering to confidentiality policy by not discussing sensitive information unless there is valid reason.

What tasks and expectations are outlined in relation to health & safety, EYFS, and administrative duties?

Work roles at EYFS typically entail adhering to its Health & Safety policy by recording accidents, checking hazards or reporting faulty equipment and creating a safe environment for children. Also crucial are supporting language and literacy development as well as the inclusion and acceptance of all children while following EYFS guidelines; furthermore there may be administrative tasks like signing in and out, maintaining healthy eating standards, knowing first aid procedures for emergency situations as well as fire drill procedures.

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