Date I Learned From My Mistake Essay Example

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Date:  2022-08-23

Since my dismissal, I have been actively involved in my academics. I have engaged in a variety of measures aimed at improving my academic performance. During time away from the University, I developed a set of goals to ensure that I track my progress and adjust in the areas, which need to be improved. Therefore, my initial goal when I joined this institution was achieving a 2:1. However, after being dismissed, I changed my goal, and I wish to achieve higher grades. I have also been able to exploit a variety of learning resources when I was away. It is apparent that using diverse learning resources provide with better outcomes than using a single resource. I used the public library, and I was able to get a personal tutor. The most crucial thing about different resources is that they provide different perspectives and contexts.

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Additionally, my tutor introduced me to a different learning style that I believe once applied in my learning; it will improve my academic performance. Therefore, I was able to get through the frustration period of being dismissed. Thus, through variation, I intend to make my classes more enjoyable.

Spending much time at home has made my return to school so an enjoyable that I feel like I am joining for the first time. Nonetheless, one of the key challenges I anticipate while at home was homesickness. While it impacts on my grades will not be adverse, homesickness might challenge my goals to catch up with the rest of the students. To achieve a balance between my school and home life, I plan to visit home once every month when I am not committed to schoolwork. I also plan to call my family every day, since I know this might reduce my feelings of homesickness. Another challenge I anticipate is time management. Missing classes' means that once the student is back, he or she has to achieve a proper balance between catching up with the rest of the class and continuing with current classes. College life is never challenging if one does not miss any of his or her classes. Therefore, missing classes makes time management a key challenge to students. To ensure that I effectively manage my time, I plan to take only 15 credits, as opposed to the 18 credits that I was taking before my dismissal. I also plan to keep a schedule of when to deal with coursework and revise the previous classes that I have missed.

I intend to major in human resource management. As a human resources manager, I seek to develop skills required for the management functions of strategic planning as well as human resource planning, recruitment, career planning, training and development, employee relations, collective bargaining, and employee compensation. A concentration in human resource management will provide me with the required skills to become an effective manager who can lead any business organization to a better future. It also provides me with an overview of the legislative realities of both state and federal governments, which might include the implementation of new laws and regulations aimed at governing the contemporary workplace. My career path involves management, and having a background in human resource management is essential to helping me achieve my career goals.

A variety of factors contributed and motivated my return to school. While praise and grades among others motivate a majority of students, I term these as extrinsic factors, and their influence is short-term. For me, a key factor for motivation was making a choice. I believe that choice will give me the power and control over the types of tasks I will engage in, and the measures I will put in place to complete the tasks. Having a choice gives me a sense of independence, resulting in better comprehension of concepts, improved grades, and increased determination in both academics and sporting activities. My self-determination while in school will be derived from my choice since learning without a choice tends to make students feel controlled and only work for the subsequent rewards.

Just like most students, my primary goal is to further my understanding of all classes and improve my grades. However, to achieve this, one should have some supporting goals. Upon my reinstatement at IUPUI, I plan to complete at least four sessions every week. I also plan to visit my class professors for at least once in the course of the semester. I believe that my professors know my academic strengths and weaknesses better than I do, and building a better relationship with them will foster and improve my performance. My other goal after returning to IUPUI is joining an extracurricular group. I believe that joining a student group will be an effective way of creating networks since it acts as a great way of knowing other students and faculty. It also reduces the stress associated with being dismissed from school, and thus, it is one of my goals upon reinstatement at IUPUI. In addition, completing a project within the first semester to promote my understanding of the overall course will be my second goal. I am yet to decide whether it will be a project that solves a problem or a research project. However, I am clear with the focus area, and my project will be based on internal auditing. This will not only help understand my career path better, but also improve my writing skills. I also plan to develop my reading skills. To achieve this, I will be reading at least seven novels, journals, or articles.


My time away from the University has given me a chance to reflect on my previous goals and performance. This has made me ready for a fresh start, with new and better academic goals as well as a renewed motivation. I intend to improve my participation in not only educational programs, but also extracurricular activities. Therefore, I can comfortably believe that I have learned from my mistake.

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