Education Essay Example: Introduction and Description of the Report

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For a high degree of authenticity in my work, I will submit it to Turnitin, to acquire a similarity-based report. Then, I will correct direct quotations and enhance relevant content and paraphrase any similar data. The feedback from the Turnitin report is a result of a comparison that has been made from data previously submitted. I will be keen to ensure a high degree of novelty in my work. I will also ascertain that I have thoroughly assessed the highlighted sections in the plagiarism report to show whether the assignment contains any directly copied phrases or poorly paraphrased words and ensure I cite all content obtained from other authors.

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As such, the best-fit strategy is making sure that the originality I write my paper from scratch to avoid unintended plagiarism. I shall add references at the end of my work and within the text appropriately to any ideas, claims, and information that is not my own. I will ensure that am in good physical and mental state. The difficulty associated with guaranteeing high authenticity degrees of written material may involve challenging concepts that one may not have familiarized themselves. However, reading on literary works from various authors will ensure a reduction in the levels of complexity.

The other elements associated with the right integration of references in a sentence structures includes enclosing a quote with quotation marks mainly if the sentence was copied directly from a source. It is also vital to ensure that other entities such as the page numbers as well as the paragraphs from the original document have also been integrated (Library Guides, 2018).

Psychological Theory and Practice: Triage/ Assessment

The student demonstrated a limited understanding of the client's problems. The student recommending psychological valuation is meant to determine the mental stability of the client. Recommendations for specific instruments may have been addressed; however, they appear to have been chosen general theoretical framework rather than using a tool that will specifically determine the clients level of functioning.

The student demonstrated the ability to conceptualize the case and understand the clients level of functioning. The student recommended a mental status examination to assess the client for suicidality, homicidally, psychosis, and current substance use. The student also recommended that addition psychological assessment would be useful.

Action plan: I would have to identified, as well as define the clients problems. Understanding how the problems impact the way the client functions? In doing this, I would have to address his or her mental status, ruling out if he or she is suicidal or homicidal while looking at what recommends are needed. He may need psychological assessment, review their cognitive functioning, personality, career, as well as familial relationships.

Psychological Theory and Practice: Diagnostic Impressions

The student was able to reference information from the clinical vignette which may be of concern; however, his/her diagnostic impressions were not fully developed. Instead, the students responses indicate that he/she only looked at pieces of the clients behavioral and emotional functioning (e.g., did not look at the information as a whole and did not look at how the symptoms interact).

The ability to identify at least one correct diagnosis and provide relevant symptoms to support it. The student demonstrated adequate problem-solving strategies to determine differential diagnostic impressions. The student provided a differential diagnosis process including additional (missing) information needed to either rule out or confirm the diagnostic impressions.

Action Plan: I will identify the clients diagnostic impression and provide a highlight of the symptoms that inform my diagnosis. I will form a diagnosis hypothesis and confirm with the DSM before I settle with a provisional diagnosis. I will be conscious of cultural and forensic issues while making a diagnosis as they may affect the outcome of the diagnosis.

Theoretical Formulation: Legal Theory and Application

The student recommended a specific treatment approach, however, had difficulty describing how the approach applied specifically to the client in the vignette.

The student recommended using a specific treatment approach. Student demonstrated a sufficient understanding of the theory and the treatment approach. The theoretical formulation was tailored to incorporate information on forensic psychology.

Action plan: I need to utilize a theoretical formulation to demonstrate a sufficient conceptualization of the theoretical orientation(s) the orientation will illustrate the relevance of the theories addressed from clinical symptomology and forensic to the involvement of the client in the vignette. My theoretical formulation will be an integration of knowledge from to forensic psychology and other fields. Discussing the limitations of his/her chosen theoretical orientation.

Legal Implication

Specific definitions and case support for each of the psycho-legal concepts was provided but did not demonstrate a clear knowledge of the case and its interpretation to legal standards. The student should have described the focus for a mental health professional during assessments in legal context.

Action Plan: I should have failed to provide relevant definitions and sufficient evidence to support the case in a forensic context. I did not provide a clear demonstration of the relationship between the case the legal standards for assessments. In the plan, I will ensure that I describe elements relevant to a mental health professional in the basement of the psycho-legal standards and other significant elements in the provided vignette.

Research and Evaluation: Forensic Evaluation

The student was able to either describe what tests or assessment procedures they would employ in the vignette to address these forensic issues, or was able to articulate how these tests would be used, but neglected to do both.

The student managed to select the tests and assessment tools and procedure applicable in the vignette. Also, the student articulated the application procedure for these assessment tools.

Action Plan: I was able to describe what assessment tools and procedures were relevant. I also managed to articulate the application procedure and integration of o the results. In the plan, I intend to show an appreciation for the cultural factors that impact a forensic evaluation.

Research and Evaluation: Treatment Recommendations and Empirical Support

Multiple evidence-based treatment options and interventions were not evident. No treatment models presented were relevant to the referral problem. The student failed to provide information within a theoretical framework and to make proper use of theoretical concepts. The student did not provide a discussion of the effectiveness and limitations that professionals face when working with clients in forensic for instance acquisition of the clients background and the role it plays in formulation and implementation of a treatment plan.

Action Plan: I should have given a variety of empirically approaches to treatment and interventions and ensure that they relate to the referral problem. In the plan, I will provide a theoretical orientation demonstrating a comprehensive application of theoretical concepts. I will analyze the dynamics of working with the client and ensure that I address the clients biopsychosocial background and consider ethical guidelines in the implementation of the treatment plan.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: Multicultural Competence

Students responses addressed some aspects of cultural diversity and how the concepts are defined, but some cultural characteristics were neglected. Few readings were cited; the minimal relationship was provided to efficiently conceptualize how the clients culture impacts their participation in counseling.

Students were able to incorporate various variables including cultural considerations, diversity factors, and other demographic factors in the context of this client. The student used the diverse factors to provide a diagnosis, select appropriate assessment tools, formulate a case conceptualization, and create a responsive treatment plan. In the responses, it was conscious of the cultural factors that could are relevant even though not explicitly stated in the vignette. The discussion is appropriately supported with relevant readings from the literature.

Action Plan: I will ensure that I incorporate variables including cultural considerations, diversity factors, and other demographic factors in the context of this client. I will use the diverse factors to provide a diagnosis, select appropriate assessment tools, formulate a case conceptualization, and create a responsive treatment plan. I will include clients identity development, and consider the effects of acculturation to their culture of socialization, and how the clients background history and demographic information impact how they respond to treatment interventions and how they view the counselor.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: Writing/ APA

I failed at creating relevant discussions based on valid literature. Also, I did not make connections and how the culture impacts the clients responses. However, the information presented was concise, organized, well supported, and professional. The students responses should be referenced in the correct APA style. The multiple references should be cited parenthetically using APA guideline and a reference list provided. There should be a minimal and appropriate use of direct quotes in the correct format. I will address the question, constructed arguments, and demonstrate quality skills in critical thinking.

Action Plan: I plan to provide information that is concise, organized, as well as supported and professional. I will use different references and provide a reference list and intext cations using APA format. I will cite sources in correct APA style. Using minimal and appropriate use of direct quotations in the correct format. I will address the question, constructed arguments, and demonstrate skills in critical thinking.

Consultation, Leadership, and Ethics: Professional Roles

The student articulated how to work with a clinical team to consult, triage and treat the patient. Also, a student gave description composition and interaction of a clinical team but only demonstrated a general knowledge of these processes.

Action Plan: I will ensure that I provide a clear articulation of how I will present myself as a professional a work with a team. I will be keen to address the need and attitude to consult, share in a clinical team and treat this case. I will address the role of a multi-disciplinary team. I will also ensure that I integrate cultural, practical, and ethical considerations.


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