Legal Challenge for Security Management Essay Example

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The issue identified at the ACME electronics requires integration of a framework that considers the legality factors surrounding the employees. Even though an appropriate security framework has been proposed, it faces a primary challenge in addressing substantial problems linked to the conditions. Also, a challenge exists on how to find appropriate steps that would be taken regarding the current issue facing the company. Undeniably, taking the suggested approach would have a significant legal impact. The action challenges the legality, regulations, and terms of work. The issue hinders the earlier introduced method in addressing the problem. Therefore, identifying better ways of solving the problem would boost the ability of the security agencies to address challenges that faces the company. By reflecting on one of case studies with a similar challenge as one presented by the company, the security agencies would have an opportunity to access significant weakness and strengths of adopting new methods to obtain the lost goods.

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Issues Related to Search

Searching at a workplace initiates some legal issues. The administrative agencies and the court analyzed different instances that faced Bellevue Hospital employees. One of the significant problems identified included complains raised against employers to locate and observe the privacy of its employees From the case of Edward Winfield, it is evident that a similar case occurred thus requiring the administration and security agencies to integrate skills of developing appropriate measures from the legal authorities.

The package control system is one of the methods that the security agencies identified as part of the packaging control strategy. A similar case had applied to Edward Weinfeld case where the plaintiff sought reimbursement after misinterpreting organizational policies as denial of rights (Chenkin V. Bellevue Hosp). The urban municipal hospital aimed to protect its property and reduce the rate at which the employees misused the property. Therefore, the court needed to resolve the issue if the lost hospital property was noted to have increased along with the hospital equipment. The security personnel, however, had selectively conducted the search procedures since the traffic was too high thus limiting the rate at which the searches would be performed appropriately.

Positions about Chenkin and Bellevue

Chenkin, who is the plaintiff, knew about the new regulations. However, he also opposed the act of searching his package since he believed that the practice was an intriguing of privacy. He also viewed the step from the perspective that the US constitution did not allow such actions to be taken against individuals (Chenkin V. Bellevue Hosp). However, the law showed that he was supposed to company with the company's new package control practices. Besides, the company also had no intention of violating the privacy policies of its workers. Instead, it sought to address a significant problem that arose from the rising instances of missing items

The arguments from the plaintiff show that the hospital policy was an invasion of privacy rights. He views that the constitutional amendment protects people and not the property. The plaintiff therefore, believed that the hospital was in a way trying to influence its policies with the aim of targeting an individual's rights which according to the Bellevue policies, was still conducted as unlawful for her to have disobeyed the process of searching the control package program. He further viewed that the policies are violated an individual's rights.

Details of Court Ruling

The court ruling at Bellevue asserted that the plaintiff's beliefs were unreasonable. Therefore, the ruling was valid and appropriate based on the evidenced provided by the defendant. The hearing officers had different views regarding the issue. He then found the plaintiff to have knowingly violated the hospitals' regulations. Based on insubordination perspective, the plaintiff was guilty (Chenkin V. Bellevue Hosp). Also, the package control system was shown to have been fair, it should integrate the viewpoints of the employee By recommending for the issue regarding the suspense to the plaintiff's payment, the hearing officer aimed at addressing different matters regarding fairness and the issue of suspending the payments. The issues raised so far had involved the plaintiff who was targeted. The precedents outlined by the offices were implemented. The reasons for taking the ruling was based on the fact that the plaintiff worked for the days that the payment was suspended and that is why the hearing counsel has recommended the pay to be done reinstated.

How the Court Decision Impact on Security Operation

Based on the conditions that are currently affecting the ACME, it is evident that the case has a dynamic legal aspect. Court's decision would influence the process through which the policies would be applied. Firstly, it would be critical for the company to access significant legal implications of the choices would case. Similarly, it would provide an opportunity for the company to align with the new policies to constitutional compatibility. If the instances would contradict the employees' rights, then the company should be prepare other means of addressing the problem. Also, the decisions provided by the hearing counsel offers the opportunity to analyze different outcomes of the actions that the company would take regarding the employees who would fail to comply with the baggage control policies.

Furthermore, complains raised by the plaintiff demonstrate different ways and precautions that the security personnel should conduct the process. For example, the process should be undertaken in a fair way to allow each employee to undergone the outlined procedure. Also, communication plays a vital role in providing an appropriate system that would allow the employees to corporate according to the new policies. Alternatively, the company could deliver the strategies through individual employee mail or call for a meeting to communicate about the new plans.

The Results of the Case

The results of the case would provide primary outcomes linked to the integration of new policies within an organization. Moreover, it would focus on outlining significant challenges that faced an institutionally based program. The corporate executives should further consider the need to have all the employees adhere to the required guideline. They should identify alternative methods with limited violation of the employees' rights. Developing appropriate outcomes linked to organizational policies and the consequences should be taken into consideration (Soomro et al., 2016). Integration of the findings from the case is essential since it offers an opportunity to observe and analyze the employee's rights. It is critical to access significant issues linked to leaf issues thus reducing the rates at which people would sue the company.

Policies should also address substantial shortcomings in implementing the methods applied. It explores other ways with the aim of developing appropriate outcomes aimed at boosting productivity (Soomro et al., 2016). A good organization allows its stakeholder to participate in the decision-making process. The case shows that there is a need to involve all the members to have an opportunity regarding the problem and the newly introduced policy. As a result, the employees would have a chance to familiarize with essential outcomes and the steps required to see the organization achieve its goals through appropriate practices.


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