Essay Sample on The Value of Education

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Date:  2022-12-03


Education has lost its value in society. Despite the knowledge that schooling is only a minor determinant in getting a job, people prefer studying for the traditional reason; to get a job. Clearly, people no longer understand the right reasons for studying. The love of money, wealth and social stability has not benefited education, making the value of education in the society decrease. To be great at what we do, we have to understand that going to the school for the sake of learning is not enough. We have to appreciate the place of education in our society. Carrying out this research will help to identify the value of education, its attributes, and effects on the current market system.

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Performing this study will help the researcher acquire more knowledge about education, and there will be pride in knowing that studying is not taken for granted. "Education had to do more than just prepare people for different careers- it had to teach a body of knowledge and set of skills vital in growth and development of a human being" (Austin 1). People, therefore, have to take education seriously. Conducting the research will be a welcome challenge to the researcher; it will be a chance to test the skills learned in class. The student will also gain essential skills such as presentation skills, crucial in future careers. Although studies related to the value of education have been done the past, none have shown the importance of education in the society, hence the existence of a research gap. The researcher will, therefore, demonstrate the value of education and its impact in the community, using the readily available information from the past studies. The research will answer the question, what is the value of education in our society?

The general objective of the study is to find out the value of education in society. The research will show if education is important in these modern times. Other goals will be; to find out the attributes of knowledge, to find out the impact of schooling on current market system and to find out the effect of education to individual's life "True education need not and cannot be attached to practical purposes" (Austin 31). Other characteristics of good schooling will also be known. These research objective will help to show why quality education is of importance to everyone.

The scope of the study will involve all the students in the school, with a sample being used to represent the whole population. The students will be given similar questionnaires to fill with both open-ended and closed-ended questions. Some of the issues included in the surveys will provide information about the subjects being interviewed while others will consist of questions about the value of education, its impacts on the market system and the individual. The data collected will then be analyzed, and the findings presented.

The research investigation will involve discussing the historical data related to the study to give an overview of what is expected in the study. Readers will be able to understand what the project concerns. Certain theories will be analyzed for use in understanding the project. Also, the researcher will compare the findings to those of other related studies, making conclusions depending on the results. Qualitative and quantitative approaches will be used in collecting and analyzing data (Davis 10). Furthermore, the researcher will use past real-life experiences, where they coincide with the different aspects of the study and current events will also keep the readers interested in the research. Data will be collected using questionnaires structured to collect quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data is information in numerals that can be transformed into vital statistics. On the other hand, qualitative data involves data concerning opinions, reasons, and opinions.

A lot of resources will be used to conduct this research such as financial costs to print out the questionnaires and to distribute them. Time will also be spent on collecting, analyzing the data and presenting the findings. The project will take three months to complete, from data collection to the presentation of the results.

The research project will, therefore, be of importance to many people, including the researcher by making people understand the place of education in their lives. Also, the qualities of good education will be known, ensuring that students access quality education. Acquiring knowledge will be given the seriousness it deserves in peoples' lives. The findings of the study will be used in decisions such as identifying what needs to be done to improve the value of education in society.

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