Uniforms in Public Schools Analysis

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Date:  2021-03-02

A significant difference established from the study by Sanchez, Yoxsimer and Hill (2012) was between the genders. Girls were more at ease with the uniforms. The perception was that they did not have a difficult time picking what to wear to school. On the other hand, most boys did not see a big impact in the change of uniform regulations. Most boys perceived it as a stringent restriction of their expression as compared to girls. There was also an impact between racial and ethnic groups. The uniform policy was perceived as highlighting the similarities between the races as opposed to differences.

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Draa (2005) carried out an examination of the impact of uniforms in public schools. The study was carried out in Ohio on four public schools. The objectives of the study were to establish the impact of a mandatory uniform policy in urban public high schools on academic performance and the impact on attendance rates. From the study, it was established that a trend of improvement in rates of attendance, graduation, and suspension existed. This trend was attributed to the implementation of the mandatory uniform policy. However, the mandatory uniform policy had no impact in improving academic proficiency, or rates of expulsion in the schools that implemented these policies. Subsequently, it can be argued that in as much as mandatory uniform policy does not directly improve academic proficiency, it has the potential to affect indirectly by its role in improving discipline, rates of attendance and graduation.

Schools are not only centers of learning, but also development. It is important for stakeholders to take the best mode of action to safeguard the school, environment. The school environment should be supportive of learning and development for all students irrespective of their background. A mandatory uniform policy has the potential to, directly and indirectly, improve the supportiveness of the school environment in encouraging better academic and social outcomes. Research has indicated that a mandatory uniform policy has no impact on academic proficiency. However, a mandatory uniform policy has an indirect impact that improves academic and social outcomes by improving discipline, boosting self-esteem, increasing graduation and attendance rates and reducing costs spent on clothing for parents.


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