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Date:  2022-10-29

What were the realizing objectives/goals as distinguished by the coordinating educator?

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The fundamental learning objective/objective recognized by my collaborating educator was to set up her understudies for the 4-year old class. One of the fundamental methods for accomplishing this was by building phonemic mindfulness and ideas about print. Before the end of the class, the understudies ought to have the capacity to perceive the graphemes and phonemes of the letter set. Another objective was for every understudy to take in his name. Perceiving essential hues and shapes, the times of the week, and fundamental climate designs were likewise learning objectives. Besides, an enhancement in social and versatile abilities was normal.

What proof exists to exhibit understudy learning or authority of the learning objectives/targets?

Numerous sorts of proof exist to exhibit understudy learning and dominance of the learning objectives in Mrs. Simone's classroom. The principle frame is through developmental evaluation and perception. She is continually giving the understudies chances to exhibit their learning through hands-on exercises and questions, which uncover their advancement. I had the ability to see learning objectives being met each time I experienced the perception of understudy reactions. It is likewise evident that social and versatile aptitudes have enhanced incredibly through the span of the semester. Toward the starting, numerous understudies did not react at all to questions, but rather how they can answer accurately! The understudies are starting to collaborate and address one another and eat their snacks without anyone else. I have likewise watched noteworthy changes in disobedient conduct of a few understudies. Each time I come I am flabbergasted by understudy development! When a year, a formal evaluation is given so as to reevaluate the IEP. This test is exhaustive and incorporates test things identified with intellectual, social, versatile, and discourse aptitudes. This is a progressively unmistakable type of proof of understudy learning. As a last note, from an outside point of view, I can tell that means are reliably being taken to guarantee understudy learning. The exercises dependably line up with the targets and objectives and practice wanted practices and reactions.

What hindrances did the instructor experience in achieving the expressed objectives/destinations (i.e. understudy contrasts, learning capacities, learning styles, discipline, intrusions, and so forth.?)

Mrs. Simone experienced a few obstructions to contacting her expressed objectives and targets. Most importantly, a portion of her understudies has outrageous day by day upheavals, which disallow these understudies from learning and occupy alternate understudies. A significant number of her understudies likewise have issues with maintenance. One youngster may comprehend an idea one day, which is obvious by developmental evaluation, however after seven days after a great deal of training, not have the capacity to finish precisely the same undertaking. One more obstruction is that one of her understudies is an English Language Learner. This presents one of a kind difficulties considering his failure to utilize the English dialect well should be recognized from his incapacity. In this specific classroom, numerous ELL methodologies, for example, the utilization of visual guides and hands-on learning are utilized; in this way, ill-advised guidance is a non-issue. It is hard to tell as an outside spectator the learning capacities of the understudies; be that as it may, the understudies appear to be on a range. A few understudies get on ideas quicker than others while. A triumph for a few understudies is submission and support while for other people, a triumph is a right reaction. Due to the uniqueness of every understudy and his needs, it is extremely hard to compose sensible objectives and targets that are achievable for each understudy. It is inescapable that specific hindrances will disallow a few understudies from learning and be a non-issue for other people.

Determination of whether the educator's approach as for addressing singular needs was viable or ineffectual.

Mrs. Simone is an exceedingly prepared, successful instructor. Her technique bids to all learning styles and handicaps spoke to in her room. She uses a ton of visual guides, hands-on learning, and innovation, which truly are extraordinary procedures for all students. She additionally puts a substantial accentuation on fundamental abilities, which is brilliant for her preschool understudies that require guide guidance on how to work at school, at home, and on the planet. I have seen her achievement in showing understudies neatness and courteousness specifically. Despite the fact that a portion of her understudies is lethargic now and again, they are incorporated into every one of the exercises. It is clear that she does not exclude difficult cases and that she believes every child can learn.

Insight on best practices and assessments as related to students

Methods or Instructional Strategies Used by The Teacher to Motivate Student Learning

Mrs. Simone uses interactive technology as well as dramatic play to motivate her students to learn. She truly tries to make learning fun, especially for preschool students. Her mini-lessons are packed with songs and interactive games on the SMARTboard that are constantly requiring student participation. A large part of the class time is devoted to dramatic play, which is both fun and educational. Whenever the unit changes, the toys and activities change as well. For example, during a unit about health and wellness, the dramatic play classroom had stations with doctor and veterinary supplies. This activity does not seem like learning for the students, but it is teaching them valuable life skills. In general activities, Mrs. Simone does not ever bribe the children. She does not need to because she has skillfully structured the day to include frequent breaks and opportunities for movement and engagement.

Aspects of The Classroom's Environment (Aesthetic Value) And Structure (Community Interaction) Evident During the Observation

Mrs. Simone's classroom is well organized and aesthetically pleasing for the students. The regular classroom has posters on the wall and a variety of colors are used. The classroom used for dramatic play is very bright and has a wide variety of toys to play with. The stations are always aesthetically pleasing and inviting as well as easily accessible. There are also several posters on the wall in this room and a variety of colors are used. The structure of the regular classroom promotes community interaction because the students are seated in a semi-circle facing the SMARTboard and teacher. Students can easily see their peers as well as the front of the classroom. Occasionally, the students are asked to interact with their neighbor during an activity and the set-up facilitates this well. The snack tables are also semi-circle tables that allow the students visibility and community interaction. Though the students do not generally converse with each other, this is mostly on account of their problems with speech and language and underdeveloped social skills rather than the set up of the classroom or the instructional practices. The dramatic play classroom stations promote community interaction because students wanting to play with the same toys must share space as well as objects. Overall, the classroom environment is extremely inviting for students and should be a model for other teachers.

Alignment of learning goals with assessment data:

The teacher' assessments (formal and informal) used to monitor/determine student progress.

Mrs. Simone mainly uses informal assessments to determine student progress. She always has the power of observation in determining level of attentiveness and comprehension, but she also frequently asks her students questions. These questions generally illicit kinesthetic responses. She always has each student respond to a question at the end up her lesson before lining up for the next activity. These questions generally require the student to make a choice with a physical response. I have also seen some formal normreferenced testing to determine student progress. These assessments were administered by the speech pathologist that works in the classroom with the students. According to Mrs. Simone, once a year a formal assessment is given in order to reevaluate the IEP. This test is comprehensive and includes test items related to cognitive, social, adaptive, and speech skills.


In order to improve learning for the understudies, the following recommendations should be implemented.

The primary recommendation is the provision of a science center. Recent research has increased understanding of a child's early thinking and learning and opined that science is a critical domain in early childhood. Evidence shows that science not only forms the foundation for futuristic scientific understanding but also impart the right skills and attitudes for the overall learning experience. Therefore, a science center should be adopted as a critical aspect of a child's early learning to increase their curiosity about the natural world in relation to their work and play. It is expected that with the right assistance, that curiosity and the urge to make sense of the surrounding will form the basis for beginning to employ skills of inquiry to examine basic phenomena and materials of the world surrounding them. That early scientific examination could become a solid context from which children can draw strengths and knowledge to advance other important skills such as teamwork, small and large motor skills control, early mathematical understanding, and language. To further develop their mathematical skills, it is advisable to create the math center in the English classroom. As of now, mathematics is taught in Spanish. Research has shown that not all mathematical concepts have been translated into Spanish. As such, it is likely that children learning mathematics in Spanish would later come to experience problems when they seek to understand complex mathematical concepts that have not yet been translated into Spanish. More importantly, it is important to extend the time for morning meeting. The increase in meeting time will help create a better relationship between the teacher and the children. As such, the learning experience of the children hence their overall performance will improve. Even though these recommendations are hypothesized to improve learning experience, it is important to note that they must be implemented under the right conditions.

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