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Date:  2023-12-13

The communication behavior I will address is, “I don’t know how to stop dominating a discussion.”

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Date: Who I spoke to: What I spoke about: Where I spoke: When I spoke: The time of the day: Why the conversation took place: The circumstances: How I spoke:

9/5/2020 A friend called Jason. How my trip to the Ocean City was and how we had fun. At the parking lot. I started the conversation after greeting Jason 8:30 AM Saturday Morning. I had been away for two weeks at the coastal city and was just reporting back to work. To express my joy I spoke with much delight and glee, narrating how much excellent time I had with my friends at the coast.

9/6/2020 A new Neighbor (I still don’t know the name). I told my neighbor about the food we ate at the beach. While standing on my lawn by the shared fence. I initiated the talk while my neighbor listened, expressing interest in my story. 10:20 AM on Sunday Morning. I was so excited about the vacation, and I wanted to let my new neighbor know about my experience. An urge to reach out. I spoke with much glee and exhilaration.

9/7/2020 Roommate called John. I explained how a member of our party almost drowned while trying to swim against the current at the beach. At home, while watching a movie. I found myself narrating this to John. 2:47 PM on Monday afternoon. My roommate asked me if we had any mishaps during the trip. John prompted the conversation. I spoke with much sadness as I recounted how my friend almost lost his life in the water.

9/8/2020 My Sister. Debating on the advantages and disadvantages of private vs. public schooling. In my car, on our way to the Mall. I spoke after my sister initiated the discussion. 5:06 PM on Tuesday evening. My sister requested that I assist her in her research work on that topic. As requested by a sister I spoke with concern and expressed my opinion on the matter.

9/9/2020 College mates. We reviewed of our previous trip to Ocean City and the good and the bad we encountered. At the college gymnasium. We took turns revisiting and reliving our encounters and experiences. 7:00 PM Wednesday night. Our team leader requested that we meet for a recap of the trip. To revisit the happenings during the trip. I was composed and agile.

My most effective communication skill, evident from the format above, is storytelling, as is seen when I initiated a talk with Jason, my anonymous neighbor, and John, my roommate. From all three conversations, the observable pattern is that I initiated them and even actively participated. I exuded happiness and excitement as I dwelt a lot on the positive aspects of the trip. I would effectively communicate if I expressed my feelings and filled my listeners with vital information and evidence (Deep, 2019). My narrations are informative, the information logical, and I cherish making people understand my points and the message and putting across.

My most glaring least significant communication skill is good listening. Given the excitement I had about the lovely time spent with my friends at the beach, I had a lot to say; hence I kept talking to whoever cared to listen and failed to allow them time to give their opinion. I was eager to share concerning the foods, friends, the warm beach, and about our friend who almost drowned but was saved. I spent the majority of the time talking, which is not suitable for effective communication (Deep, 2019).

My other recurring communication behavior is debating, as shown by the fact that I was able to engage my sister in a debate on the advantages and disadvantages of private as compared to public schools. I confronted my sister with facts and figures, even showing her some data on my laptop to prove my opinion and drive home my points (Abernathy & Forestal, 2019).

My main communication problem is being too analytical about issues someone raises in a speech or discussion. It makes me lag as I still try to reason in my mind about those issues. Therefore, my loss of focus does not allow me to follow the speaker keenly; hence, I miss out on vital information (Deep, 2019). The problem is exacerbated by my poor listening skills, given that I enjoy talking most of the time.


Abernathy, C., & Forestal, J. (2019). The Use of Debates in Political Science Courses. Journal of Political Science Education, 1-13.

Deep, S., Salleh, B. M., & Othman, H. (2019). Study on problem-based learning towards improving soft skills of students in effective communication class. International Journal of Innovation and Learning, 25(1), 17-34.

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