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With the development of education, people are seeking a more efficient and valuable method to enhance underlying opportunity and knowledge for their future. Globalization dramatic effect people pay more attention to business. Moreover, rapidly increasing number of student go aboard for high-quality education. Australia education is celebrated in business and QUTIC business subject is in the top rank of business study. It is believed that only by ensuring the development of generic skills in a study and the faculty-specific content knowledge, the students can ensure a successful academic performance in the diploma (Kalyuga, 2013, p. 1478). The client of the research is Mr. Ken Beutel, Director of QUTIC, who expect to gain knowledge of the required skills needed by business students in diploma study. The research findings will be highly important for the client because the director of QUTIC can better design the educational curriculum in the diploma to ensure the Business students' academic success in the institution. The date for the report to be finished is Friday 18th January 2019.

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The purpose of this report is to expedite global business to create more advantage for people. What's more, offering diploma business students in QUTIC 4 specific learning skills to ensure the successful achievement in the study and attract more students choose QUTIC for their study career.


Predict and Decision-Making Skill

Predict and decision making is one of vital skill which can forecast popular trend without competitor as a result obtain more profit for corporate. The crucial method for school to strengthen it gives students more task about research. The diploma students can effectively achieve the data collection and data analysis. It is argued by Salome, Osita & Marcel (2012, p. 38) that students who have a high business research method can achieve more insightful ideas in knowledge exploration. Therefore, students who have done a lot of high-quality business research may have more business experience than ordinary students and lay a good foundation for future practical work in the enterprise.

Analysing and Solving Problem Skill

It is also significant for students to possess a high analyse and solve problem skills to surmount the obstacle in calm emotions at their work. The way to improve this skill that assigning more academic assessment for students that can not only gain a satisfactory mark on an assignment, but can also add value on their knowledge contributing to the specific business field (Weldy, 2017, p. 61). As a consequence, through this method, students be actively gained more information on facing and settling matters ensure a high achievement at work.

Social Intercourse Skill

One of the key generic skills required by the business students is social intercourse skill because it can intensify the solidarity of each department of a corporation as well as the satisfaction of the customer. Assigning students joining more teamwork is a valid method such as community survey. According to Wesley, Vanessa and Lee (2017, p. 81), students with high teamwork skills cannot only achieve personal success in the study but can also strengthen their interpersonal effectiveness, which can be used in the future study and work. As a result, from a long-term of perspective, business students can ensure a higher academic achievement in diploma with the effective social intercourse skills because of the effective communication ensured with others.

Critical Thinking Skill

At last, the critical thinking skill should be highly encouraged, because it can motivate students' creative idea, judge if the product can benefit people, and logical action. School can add quizzes for testing prepare lessons which students learn by themselves. It is argued that only by ensuring the self-learning ability, the students can obtain the knowledge successfully through personal exploration and critical reflection (Wang & Li, 2009). In conclusion, considering the benefits of an in-depth study on students' interests building in the field, the critical thinking Skill should be effectively gained by the diploma students. 3.0 Conclusion

Predict and Decision-Making Skill

The skill is important as it ensures one is effective in the particular task they are performing. Making a decision on the plans to make, the strategy that is more constructive and the ability to ensure you remain relevant, it is important to make a good decision with important information available (Huang, 2015). Prediction skills are important because they make sure that one focuses on the accurate measure of what they are suited. It is through the analysis of what they have at the moment that helps one to predict accurately.

The specific action that the client should undertake is to use a cost-benefit analysis so that before one reaches the analysis, they weigh the pros and cons to be sure that they are making the best decision. Through considering which side is better, they will have to narrow their options and evaluate the significance of the place they want to be (Zhang, et al. 2016). Thus, they can get a well-informed opinion for the enterprise. Student success relies on how well they perform. Predictions are made more especially when there are other factors that may alter the plan for the outcome and it would be difficult to control or prevent them (Majda, & Qi, 2016). This method best for the students is to create a virtual market and then use the virtual account investment to improve the skill.

Analyzing and Solving Problem Skill

Analyzing and solving problems skills help in the identification and getting solutions to the everyday life of a student. Analyzing helps to clearly understand the purpose of the content and what it is trying to drive one at leading to making the right decisions (Savery, 2015). Analysis makes solving problems easier and the student arrives at the conclusion faster hence improving the hypothesis.

The specific action is to improve analyzing and solving problem skill is to practice more using mathematical problems and analysis-based projects (Care, et al. 2015). One can attain professional levels of analysis and solving problems if they start with a clear framework as they seek feedback and other new ways to develop. To solve problems, it is important that one uses analogies and similarities where they try to find the resemblance with other problems solved previously. In getting the effective solution for the problem, the student will identify all possible options, evaluate them then select the correct one.

The method that is the best is agreeing on contingencies, monitoring and also evaluation because that the effective process to sharpen these skills. In that way, the individual remains objective and is able to translate research into creative action. What QUTIC should do is to provide more practice for students so that they develop their skills practically.

Social Intercourse Skill

Social intercourse skill is important because it helps to create lasting relationships with friends that are beneficial. It is a kind way to be naturally nice to other people to maintain the interpersonal relations (Kasckow, et al. 2017). Turning opponents to proponents is what people need and ensures development of the skill for important relations and associations.

The specific action that the client needs to take is to practice more often in that the more one communicates and interacts with people, the better they get and it is important that they do not try to let negative social interactions to get them down (Twyman, & Heward, 2018). The best method is to have social clubs where people can be encouraged to talk about themselves and practice good manners. QUTIC should concern itself with the development of each individual towards improving their skills. It should build a student dormitory where Australia local students can mix with international students. The advantage of such is that they will blend into the new environment and also enhance language and diversity of culture.

Critical Thinking Skill

Critical thinking skill helps to clearly and rationally think about what to do. Individuals who possess the skill can understand the logical connections existing between ideas so that they can construct and evaluate arguments (Paul, & Elder, 2006). The skill is important because it ensures autonomous learning ad instead of students relying entirely on teachers, they are independent and self-directed. It brings out a perfect and appropriate emotional appeal with teamwork and empathy. The skill acts as a raw material to other skills such as problem solving and making decisions.

The specific action that the client needs to take is to train the memory of students because if they do not use the brain, it will stagnate (Howard, et al. 2015). This will be done by ensuring constant reading in the school institution without wasting time because learning has no boundaries. Learning something new every day helps one to ask basic questions and question basic assumptions.

The method that is best is to set a schedule for every activity of reading and equipping the institution with modern books that students can learn new thing every other day (McPeck, 2016). QUTIC should provide a diverse learning environment for the students to associate themselves with people of higher levels.


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