Private vs. Public Schools Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-23


Education is one of the basic needs of learners, hence the reason why the country has many schools. Nonetheless, it is essential to mention that there are different types of schools that a child can attend, and that involves private and public institutions. Whereas the main reason for attending either private or public school is ensuring that the students have acquired knowledge, the truth is that there are various similarities and differences between private and public institutions. Therefore, the paper intends to provide a detailed comparison and contrast between the private and public institutions. Whereas it is evident that both private and public institutions offer learners with education, the main differences n is that private institutions have independent sponsors while the state supports public schools.

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Similarities between Private and Public Schools

The first similarity between private and public institutions is that they both hire competent teachers and have an interest in providing learners with education. The primary reason why parents choose to take their children to school is that they are interested in ensuring that they have acquired valuable knowledge and institutions have that offer. While there are other situations where it is possible to come across situations where some schools provide their learners with quality education compared to others, the truth is that the main reason for opening these is institutions is provide quality schooling (Benveniste, Carnoy, and Rothstein). Additionally, both private and public institutions hire qualified teachers to take the learners through the education process. It is impossible for any learning institution to hire an unqualified tutor, as that implies that the students too will not manage to receive a quality education.

The second possible similarity between public and private schools is that both institutions recommend that their students must dress in the right uniforms. It is almost impossible to come across any learning institution that allows the students to attend classes when they are in civilian clothes, hence implying that uniformity is one of the similarities between private and public schools. Arguably, one of the main reason why learning institutions require that their learners must wear school uniform is that they believe that it is the only means that schools will achieve equality amongst the students. There are increased chances that the teachers will confuse the learners and fail to offer the right direction in a situation where they are allowed to attend classes with civilian clothes.

Differences between Private and Public Schools

First, private schools earn sponsorship from independent organizations or individuals, but the government is the one who is responsible for sponsoring public learning institutions. Although the government is interested in ensuring that all learners can access quality education, they only choose to sponsor public institutions since that is the state's project, and the expectations are that everyone in the country will attend such institutions. However, some persons believe that there are better means of running schools and controlling students so that they can excel in studies, hence the reason why they choose to operate private schools. Therefore, it is upon these independent individuals and organizations to ensure that they provide their schools with monetary support so that they can achieve smooth operations, while the state operates and funds public schools.

Second, another notable difference that exists between private and public schools is that private institutions tend to be smaller in size and population when compared to public companies. The possible main reason why private schools are smaller in size and population is that they apply high tuition fees which are only affordable amongst the few in the count6rty, hence the reason why public schools have a more senior population and are also extensive when it comes to land ownership. Additionally, there are increased chances that the students will emerge successful when the classes are smaller, and the teacher can interact with most learners, thus the reason why private institutions ensure that they enroll a limited number of learners at their schools. Moreover, it is true that private school have better organizations compared to public learning facilities, and that is because of the difference in population. The private tutors have an opportunity to provide their learners with the right direction since they are few, hence ensuring better organization in public schools which have a high number of students.


In brief, the paper has provided a detailed analysis of some of the similarities and differences that exist between public and private schools. The main similarity between private and public schools is that they both hire qualified tutors and provide quality education to their learners. Moreover, another comparison between the two institutions is that both of them require that their learners have the right uniform when attending classes, as that is the only means that they will achieve equality. Nonetheless, there are also many differences that exist between private and public companies, and the best example is that they differ in size and population. While public institutions enroll many students, it is different for private schools since they are only interested in providing quality education to a manageable population.


Benveniste, Luis, Martin Carnoy and Richard Rothstein. All Else Equal: Are Public and Private Schools Different? New York : Routledge, 2013.

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