Education Background Letter: Engineering in Production

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Wordcount:  605 Words
Date:  2022-05-26

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Engineering in Production from Lokmanya Tilak COE in Mumbai. The main production-focussed areas that I have learned and can be applied in the job include automation and control engineering, total quality management, production systems analysis and design, sales and marketing management, human resources development and management, economics, finance, accounting and costing, CAD, CAM and CIM, as well as industrial training. Besides, I am trained in AWS Business Professional Accreditation, AWS Technical Professional Accreditation, and AWS TCO and Cloud Economics Online, along with the following certifications Accredited Platform Specialist (APS), Vmare, and Microsoft.

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The vast education that I have had since 2002 are vital in the job. For instance, through education, I can be able to optimally participate in the system or product design, as encapsulated in the SDLC and PDLC paradigms. The mechanical subjects, such as the production systems analysis and design, automation and control engineering, as well as CIM, CAM, and CAD are vital in the job specifically for designing phases. The design phase of any project is important because a poor design is costly in terms of resources and derails the triple constraints of a project - cost, schedule, and scope. Designing products is one of the most essential aspects of effectively and efficiently undertaking a project, and thus, with a strong educational background of how to design, I will be able to spearhead the design process in your organization.

The management subjects total quality management, sales and marketing management, human resources development and management, as well as economics, finance, accounting, and costing, are vital for managing projects through the development phases. One of the main important aspects of developing a product or software for an organization is managing the project team, and my bachelor's degree has equipped me with human resources development and management knowledge. As such, this allows me to effectively assign roles and responsibilities to every team member in accordance with their skills. I am able to follow up on what each team member is doing. In addition, I have specialized in the sales and marketing elective, and thus, I am able to market the company services effectively through various platforms, such as through direct emails, social media, and print media, which will allow me to attract customers while also retaining them. Quality is something that cannot be compromised in the development of products and software. The clients' cannot accept substandard products, and thus, having gained knowledge pertaining to total quality management, I will not compromise on quality. Besides, knowledge of economics, finance, costing, and accounting will enable me to manage finances related to the development of products, such that I can be able to utilize funds effectively and within the allocated budget.

The general computer science subjects and advanced IT certifications are vital as through them, I have vast knowledge on software development. I can use the latest technologies of Converged Infrastructure, OpenStack, Vmware Vsphere, Hadoop and related application technologies that comply with HIPAA guidelines. Besides, the knowledge of how software work, allows me to resolve critical issues with various platforms, such as Windows Server 2003 / Windows 2000 OS. I am also able to troubleshoot applications and software, and thus, ensure that they perform optimally. The knowledge of software operations allows me to maintain the software for operability, as well as fixing bugs and errors.

As such, with the vast educational knowledge pertaining to software and product development, I am confident that I can tackle any job requirements and issues in the field, as well as ensure that the company grows through meeting the expectations of clients and earning their loyalty.

Yours faithfully,



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