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Many working parents, guardians, single parents, and stay at home parents sometimes use daycare centres as a way of saving themselves time in some days in a week. The institutions work as great alternatives to parents who do not have other options such as leaving their kids to various relatives tasking them with the responsibility of watching the children who are mostly too young to start at elementary education. Such institutions are right in a way that they provide the students with the social and emotional needs of the children, which are important especially at the first times in school life and early life. In doing so, students are acquainted with the various strategies for the improvement of brain structure. A caring environment is developed, that which provides a concise background for the growth of the child. Besides, the children in daycare meet and have a chance to grow and learn as a team. Most importantly these kids aged six weeks or at their 6th grade are taken care of in a suitable manner while at the daycare centres. Developing an institution with an after-school program is an excellent way of gaining additional income (Child Care Training Academy, 2013: School Readiness Begins in Infancy, 2010). This can be seen in specific activities in the school that keep the children at the centres busy until their parents or guardians pick them off school. The most significant problem existing with daycare centres is that they lack standard training. Most of the people who train the kids are mothers, grandmothers and young adults who love kids, even though are not prepared to take care of such children at their young ages. A training and development program is an essential component of teaching especially for daycare teachers (Child Care Training Requirements, 2013). This should be seen as on-going as this teaching tends never to end as seminars are integral parts of the programs. At other times, outside trainers can be hired to make sure that the daycare teachers are up-to-date with the occurrences around them and the responsibilities matching their job description.

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Happy Tots Development Center is one of the institutions that need to be addressed in most of its parts. The director of the institution ought to realise that a short training program is required for all employees in the institution. This can also be considered as an essential measure during hiring and training of entry-level workers of the institution. In the institution, eight classrooms that consist of kids of between ages 0 and 3 exist, with each classroom being assigned a teacher. However, in line with the state regulations, the institution has Pre-K programs hence; not much training is required for the profession.

For the director, the most worrying concern of the institution is a downtime experienced in enrollment even though some tours are being made by parents every single day to the centre. The director tends to realise the top-notch performance of her institutions but is also worried about the rooms where the teachers practice their profession as sometimes the rooms are not always to standard regarding cleanliness and sufficiency of resources. Besides, the classrooms could also have other problems that may impact the stay of children in the institution. Since he is at the top management, most of the employees do not talk to him regarding what is required to make the job easy. For this reason, training needs some analysis to make sure that the demands in enrollment are transparently vouched.

The consultant, in this regard, is required to talk to the director or his assist and also set aside some of the time to speak to teachers regarding the challenges and dynamics in their profession. After holding such talks, the consultant can see into the employees' KSAs that can assist in the determination of training issues and the requirements of coming up with development programs. These employees also ought to have a CDA (Child Development Associate Credential), which is an entry-level requirement in the profession of Early Childhood Education (Hinitz, 1998). This credential is awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition. With the CDA, those individuals who are working with young children such as kids in Happy Tots Development Centre can be credited regardless of their setting. Individual backgrounds shall be assessed for each employee to determine the primary influencers to the exhibited behaviours while in the profession. Some of the topics that these employees can be sure of may include; kids development strategies, kids guidance, their abuse and reporting of such cases, orientation, preparedness in an emergency, licensing regulations and activities, health and safety, safe sleep prevention, CPR and first aid for all staff, and shaken baby prevention.

After holding an interview with the ten employees in the organisation, the director and his assist, it can be identified that quite a lot of training is required to boost the profession as a result of low enrollment and student numbers in the classrooms. Some team building and training sessions can also be added. Since there is little motivation, as soon as there is a new prospect on tour, the employees can feel discouraged and unhappy of the learning environment provided by the institution considering there cannot be any excitation left for their profession. Another challenge that can be identified is that no certifications of business are displayed in the offices and classrooms hence, a problem when comparing the institution to other centres in the area. With such information, it would have been easy to identify the difference between the training offered by the institution and that provided by other similar organisations in the area.

With the information gathered, the director needs to revisit their action plan including the mission of the institution. Further, he can create goals to meet before a particular time. Therefore, a reactive strategy can be looked at which can be seen as less formal analysis and planning that can lead to great futures. Finding such needs and importance for change can improve the enrolment of the institution almost instantly lead to the desired future.

The problems associated with this daycare institutions comprise of hiring, training and having a mission statement. The mission statement equips the worker with the standards that they are required to fulfil every day. Training aids the teachers in being in line with their legal requirements and with the trending ideas to integrate into the class daily. Although hiring may be a gamble, with a detailed work description that outlines the primary roles and employee expectations, getting the most suitable person becomes less cumbersome.

The utilisation of TNA in the daycare institutions could help achieve the following:

  • Multiply all different age levels enrollment.
  • Ensure the current workers are comfortable in the job environment.
  • Develop a mission statement that is applicable every day by most workers.
  • Provide training chances that are in line with the daycares strategic schedules.

The utilisation of the consultant in daycare has proved that more training would bring advantages to not only the workers but also the qualifications of the centre alongside a facility that is well trained. The provided information assists the director in creating a training program that is standard for most of the workers and more opportunities in training that can permit the job growth of the employees in the facilities. The administration will also consider a performance appraisal that is standard that will allow both the workers and administration to negotiate their position together with the 360-degree look that makes the inclusion of anonymous input from children's parents in that classroom in line with their employees (Blanchard & Thacker, 2013, p. 114).

It would also be as well significant for the administration to include more team meetings encouraging more team building activities throughout the year. In case the employees are dissatisfied, it resonates with the potential clients that visit the centre as an alternative to enrol their children. However, prior training is the initial step and ensuring that the centre is more than the training guidelines that are required by the state. The management has to combine a training plan that makes the inclusion of team building activities to fulfil what lacked in the centre.

Strategy for ABC Learning Daycare Center

As a centre, we aspire to be the best institution in this locality and perhaps the entire state by providing service that is excellent and being careful with both the children and parents. This is achievable by acquiring the following documentation:

  • Shaken Baby
  • Emergency Preparation
  • Health and safety class
  • Safe sleep
  • First aid
  • Learning activities class
  • CPR class
  • Recognition of child Abuse class
  • Current CDA for every teacher
  • Discipline and Guidance class
  • 10 hours required for training annually

The cost of the classes would be catered by the centre. A section of the classes would be done on an online platform whereas the CPR and First Aid classes will be scheduled on Saturday morning, where we will be providing breakfast. The classes taken will be included in the performance of the employee appraisal and will add the opportunity of a pay rise. When the classes are not done in the offered period, you shall have a year from the effecting of this memo to make completion of the classes off-site.

With the completion and centre of the course being in line with the required legal requirements, it proves that as a centre, child care is taken seriously and we have superseded what other centres don't achieve to ensure child safety. It enables the increase of the visitors as well as the visitors enrolling their children with us. The ROI will make an illustration of the additional numbers by new applications as well as new enrollees.


Month 1 - Updating of any legal requirements for the centre such as insurance.

Month 2 - Signing up for an in-house instruction on CPR and First Aid.

Month 3 - search for a combination class or online programs that would include the other certified classes such as Safe Sleep, Shaken Baby, and Emergency Preparations.

Month 4 - schedule a team building activity, i.e. Nice meal at a local restaurant, bowling, having a catered picnic at a local park that would involve bringing families.

Month 5 - complete the rest of the necessary classes using online classes or local classes.

Month 6 - update the centre and classrooms to illustrate that we are certified in all the needed classes that the state specifies Daycare Centers to have.

Month 7 - facilitate a Grand Re-Opening ceremony with invites out to the local media to access free publications through advertisement of the centre.


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