Statements About Power and Knowledge Paper Example

Paper Type:  Critical thinking
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  786 Words
Date:  2022-06-20

1. "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."-Lord Acton

According to the above statement, individuals in power often tend to become corrupt due to their ability to manipulate resources. Since they have numerous resources at their disposal, they often tend to guide themselves and shield their actions from the public attention. Additionally, when these individuals have absolute power, they often tend to develop absolute corruption behaviours. I agree with the above statement because many corrupt individuals are always in the powerful position. In making the above statements, the author tends to unhide the corrupt deals that often take place in different governmental organizations. The statement offers several questions such as: Why do people tend to come corrupt while in the governmental positions? The above line of thought has significant impacts on the perception of the society towards their leadership. In the modern situation, it is always evidenced that the corrupt individuals mostly exist in the powerful positions.

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2. "Do not ask if a man has been through college; ask if a college has been through him-if he is a walking university."-E.H. Chapin

According to the above statement, the learning systems should change the perception of a person in the way they perceive different actions. Every individual who has gone through an education system or a given exposure should be able to act in a way that the people in the society can emulate their actions and behaviours. I fully agree with the above statement, individuals with exposure on a given field should act as role models to the society. The author wished to stress the role of education in the society. The individuals who have undergone through the education system should be able to give back to the community. The questions raise questions such as; what is the role of education to the society? The above line of thought attempts to stress the role of education in the society. In the modern society, education is important for people wishing to take part in the leadership position; therefore, the college should change the perception of the people towards different societal responsibilities.

3. "Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others."-William Allen White

According to the statement, every individual has the freedom to live freely unless they want to commit to others and become their slaves. I agree with the above statement, freedom is granted to every person and they can only lose it at their own peril. The author wanted to stress the idea that freedom is real and that everyone irrespective of the background, race, or nationality should be able to enjoy it. The above phrase has significant effect specifically in the modern society where new colonialism is still happening. Additionally, there are several questions that need surrounding the above phrase including; when should the freedom of an individual become limited?

4. "What is not fully understood is not fully possessed."-Goethe

According to the above statement, when a person fully understands a given situation, they are able to act promptly in accordance with the requirements. I agree with the above statement in many circumstances, individuals act at their best when they fully understand a concept in a given scenario. In framing the above phrase, the author wanted to enhance the understanding of different scenarios, especially in the academic fields. The author's line of thought has significant effects on the academic understanding and grabbing of concepts. In the modern situation, the phrase stresses on the high number of people who come out of college with less competency.

5. "Thought engenders thought. Place one idea on paper, and another will follow it, and still another until you have written a page...Learn to think, and you will learn to write; the more you think, the better you will express your ideas."-G.A. Sala

According to this statement, one's thoughts define their behaviours. Ideas are generated is a sequential way, a situation that is capable of leading an individual from one stage of life to the other. I agree with this statement because for one to achieve a goal, they need to show some interest and start by making a step towards their destiny. In making the statement, the author wanted to bring out the idea that people are often controlled by their perception and interest towards a given course. The above line of thought encourages people to take steps and take actions towards their goals. The author purpose in making the statement was to encourage people who easily give up before achieving whatever they want in life. In the modern society, people tend to lose creativity as a result of failure to take steps in achieving their dreams.

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