Essay Sample on Essential Role of Reading Activity in Education

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Date:  2023-02-17


Education is essential in our life. This context reviews Bouhedjam (2015) article, 'Importance of Reading Activity in Education.' In the article, Education is viewed as an approach used to provide primary and creative technical skills to students in an accepted manner. Contextually, this article is meant to prove the importance of reading as well as establishing its benefits. Reading activity is termed as the interpretation of complex decoded symbols to derive their meaning. This review aims to establish the benefits of reading skills as established in the article. Conversely, learning is a vital requirement in the modern world; Bouhedjam (2015) establishes that without reading, learning becomes a problem for both tender age students and adults.

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Conversely, this is a focused article that aims to establish the essential need of reading activity in a person's life. Reading as an activity is done to gain knowledge, critique a writer's idea or for enjoyment. Bouhedjam (2015) ascertains that there is more to reading than what meets the eye. In the article, he views reading as an activity that motivates students to learn. Reading as an activity motivates the inner core to do the activity as they as given a chance to choose what they love. Additionally, reading can be used to encourage students on subjects they hate. Reading can ultimately impact the learning outcomes as it endorses learning devotion. This is a clearly argued idea on the subject. Bouhedjam (2015) establishes the benefits as well as the expected outcomes.

In the research, Bouhedjam (2015) creatively presents his argument in a focused and organized way. For instance; he establishes that reading activity is essential as it gives an equal opportunity to all people of different cognitive abilities achieved through silent reading. This provides an equitable environment for everyone to work alone and understand in his/her own pace. Besides, reading carefully aids students to quickly grasp the meaning of the context and better their understanding. Additionally, reading activity benefits teachers as it makes it easier to identify student's problems in various areas, analyze students, and establishes the necessary aid each student needs. Bouhedjam (2015) conclusively sums up his article by establishing that reading is an ordinary activity done in school or at home though it is a powerful and effective way of learning. The flow of ideas is carefully though presenting a convincing argument on the subject. The article gives beneficial details as well as their how they impact a student making it a good source of information.

Bouhedjam (2015) article is a carefully well-outlined article providing the importance of the reading activity. This research is relevant as people in the modern world have neglected the reading activity. According to Toohey (2018), leisure reading has declined by 30 percent since 2004. Additionally, modern technology, such as the internet, has hugely contributed to the decline of reading activity. Bouhedjam (2015) tries to advertise the importance of reading to promote beneficial activity. Based on his article, reading activity is an activity that benefits the individual as well as improves skills endorsing positive change.

Contrariwise, the article does not provide enough information to argue its points strongly. The article gives a summary of the main ideas endorsing the need for more research from other sources. The argument is outlined in a simple and understandable language suitable for people of all academic level. The audience of the articles includes teachers and students. This article cannot be used for research as it provides a general summary of the main ideas. The article also contains a short bibliography with a clear and consistent citation.


Nacer Bouhedjam, D. (2015). Importance of Reading Activity in Education. Retrieved from

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