Essay Example on High School Students Talk About Tobacco Use & Prevention

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Date:  2023-02-09

Article CitationIn Conversation: High school Students talk to students about tobacco use and prevention strategies

How students begin smoking, their experience with tobacco use, attitude developed toward tobacco use, as well as consequences of tobacco, and students' recommendation as tobacco prevention cover main points addressed in the article presented, high school students, talk to students about tobacco use and prevention. As per the article, in the context of how students begin smoking, several factors play an essential role in determining how students start smoking. Among the noted critical factors, emotional factors, the influence of older individuals, and influence from peer groups present a series of factors that influence most of the students to begin smoking. This section of the article also covers crucial recommendation about tobacco smoking among students in various schools. In the context of students' experience with tobacco use in high school, students attitudes are dependent of personal and school-related issues, which speed up the substance use in the region thus an essential part of conservation covered.

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How Students Begin Smoking

Various factors that influence a student to begin smoking has been covered in the article; high school students talk to a student about tobacco use. Peer pressure from colleagues as well as older population marks an essential part of the article covered in determining factors that influence students to begin smoking (Abrams et al., 2018). In the context of an older population, older individuals provide students with the opportunity to try smoking because the product is readily available in the surrounding. With several trials of smoking, students develop the attitude and emerge to be one of the smokers in the region hence an influencing factor. Parents smoking habits also play a significant role in determining students' choices about smoking in the region. The role is ideal because students can easily assess the product and can as well learn from the parent. Media influence student-smoking habit by providing information regarding tobacco usage for many reasons.

Student Experience with Tobacco

Students' experience with tobacco cover some of the main topics addressed in the article presented. The ideal idea of this part is to determine if the experience with tobacco creates the urge for the smoking of influence smoking habit. Students experience with tobacco is not a big deal, as per the article, students are surrounded by tobacco almost everywhere; hence, the experience of the substance. Students have noted the presence of tobacco among different places, thus an influencing way that creates their experience with the substance, tobacco (Shin, Miller-Day, & Hecht 2019). Places, where tobacco is presented, include restrooms, family members' use of tobacco, and teachers, among another place. The role of place is ideal because this influences students to experience with tobacco, as they are readily available.


Student attitudes have been associated with tobacco use in the article. Students have different tolerance rate to smokers; this presents a series of students' attitude towards tobacco. Since each student holds different rule regarding smoking and tobacco users, attitudes towards the same vary from one student to another. Attitudes are based on smoking habits of different people in the surrounding, for example, gender, some of the male students have an attitude towards female student engaged in smoking. The attitude is also based on the relationship as some hate opposite sex involved in smoking.

Student Recommendation as Prevention

Students recommend various options as a means to manage and prevent tobacco use among adolescent in the surroundings. Some of the recommendations include school enforcement policies, parents' role as well as friends' role in sharing with friends in the region. Parents can talk to their sons and daughters regarding the dangers of tobacco use and friends as well can share with their colleagues in determining smoking habit among adolescents.

Personal Response

Based on a personal response regarding student habits and tobacco usage, several influences speed up tobacco usage among adolescents in the region. The response here focuses on approaches that will aid various system, including institutions in reducing the use of tobacco among students. In managing the use of tobacco, parents should be an ideal tool in regulating their children conduct, and they should monitor children conduct as well. Parents should also focus on displaying a good example when around their homes; this means, they should not smoke when around children. This helps in setting a good example. Apart from policies, students should be educated on the dangers of smoking too.


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Shin, Y., Miller-Day, M., & Hecht, M. L. (2019). Differential effects of parental "drug talk" styles and family communication environments on adolescent substance use. Health communication, 34(8), 872-880.

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