264.3 Million School Children: A Global Education Crisis - Essay Sample

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Lack of education is very prevalent and it has been noted that at least 264.3 million school children, youths and adolescents do not go to school across the world (Drew, 2020) Children who lack education are likely to hurt from long-term side effects that may end up limiting their quality of life. It is worth noting that lack of education leads to poor health, poverty, shorter lifespan, exploitation and unemployment. Lack of education is a major crisis and therefore, the Society should acknowledge the importance of education and work on measures that will ensure education is accessible to all children despite their background.

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Education is a very important asset and foundation of any society. A society that does not invest on quality educations tends to lag behind in terms of economic success since its people do not have basic education skills that enhance in good decision making. Lack of education is a problem in the society since it exposes children and their families into extreme poverty and this translates to a poor community. It is worth noting that lack of education is caused by several factors such as illiteracy of parents. Parents that are illiterate does not really understand the real value of education and therefore see no need or commit less efforts in ensuring their children access education. Additionally, high levels of unemployment and illnesses multiply the risks of total non-schooling or drop out rate of children by 2. The same factors that lead to lack of education end up being adverse results of lack of education.

One of the reasons why lack of education is a problem is that it leads to economic stagnation or even decline. Countries with less educated population ought to have an economic growth which is not sustainable compared to countries with more educated population (Drew, 2020). As a result, nations that are poorer due to lack of education tend to attract lower-paying industries like manufacturing.

Secondly, lack of education is a problem since it results to exploitation which is a common issue in the society. People with no education end up doing awful jobs for survival. Currently, the level of unemployment is very rapid and therefore being uneducated totally keeps one off the job market. UNICEF claims that girls who lack jobs due to lack of education likely find themselves doing jobs like prostitution, domestic labor and sweatshop labor (UNICEF, 2016). Jobs such as prostitution are considered vices in the society since they are not ethical.

Thirdly, the lack of education is the cause of shorter lifespan. Less educated men statistically live between 4 and 14 years less than their well-educated equals (Fiscal Monitor Reports, 2017). Logically, the shortened lifespan for the uneducated who end up being poor has a strain effect when it comes to national productivity and growth. Therefore, the community and nation at large get affected when people die making it a big problem.

Solutions to Lack of Education

The government of all countries especially the ones with rapid cases of lack of education should reduce the cost of education. Many uneducated children come from poor families who can barely afford daily bread and thus their lack of education becomes attributed to poverty. Countries such African countries that have adopted free education have registered massive enrollment with Kenya registering 18% increase, Ghana 12% and Ethiopia 51% (Reharn, 2017).

Provision of education to parents will highly change the curve of lack of education in any country. At least 759 million of parents are illiterate and therefore do have awareness needed to improve their living settings and those of their kids (Reharn, 2017). When parents are provided with information and the importance of education, school enrollment increases and can be maintained. This means that less children or non will have a disadvantage on education access.

Financial support for poor families is very crucial when it comes to tackling the problem of lack of education, Poverty is the main cause of lack of education and therefore if the community, non-governmental bodies and government come together to support poor families financially, thy will take that burden off.


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