Essay Sample on Approaches to Improve Math Scores

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Date:  2022-10-12


Mathematics is one of the main subjects that are tried and taught in all the states of America. Math importance cannot be undermined because of its ability to influence many spheres of life as well as other subjects. The following are approaches that teachers, parents and school leaders can use to improve student's scores in mathematics.

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Personalizing Students Learning Experience.

Students have different learning capabilities and when it comes to mathematics personalizing learning can significantly help the poor performing students to improve by putting more effort and attention on the areas that have proved problematic (Majid et al., 2012). For instance, differentiated mathematics instructions have shown to improve understanding of the students.

Continuous Students Assessment

Assessment plays a significant role in motivating students to do better and helps to increase student's retention. Continuous assessment is a constant activity that allows teachers to provide constructive feedback to the students and can help learners to perform better in math. Besides, continuous assessment ensures that the students can build on previous knowledge which improves the overall math outcomes (Majid et al., 2012). Weekly student assessment has shown greater student retention of mathematical concepts compared to monthly estimates.

Grouping of Students

Students grouping can lead to greater engagement of the students on the mathematical problems in their spare time which can significantly improve learning. Grouping of students enables learners to work together beyond the constructs of their instructors which help those that are struggling to be supported by their peers (Leone, Wilson, & Mulcahy, 2010).). Grouping students improve the mean score of the entire class because it enables students to work together on mathematical problems during their free time.

Common Core Standards (CCS) versus the Standards of Learning (SOL)

The CCS are standards that seek to level the learning field across all states by establishing what the students should be taught. The common core standards are content-oriented by establishing what the students will learn, when as well as the assessments to be given to evaluating what the students have learned and what more is needed (Bleiberg & West, 2014). On the other hand, the standards if learning establishes the minimum expectations for the students in a particular unit or subject. The standards of learning are more specific and detailed compared to the common core standards (Attachment, 2010). When states adopted the CCS, the SOL testing became more standardized because the content of learning across the states became similar which leveled the ground for all the students to participate in SOL testing. Besides, CCS adoption by states standardized the performance levels for the assessment of the students across the states in America.


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