Literature Review Example on Awarding Participation Trophies to Kids

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Date:  2021-04-08

10 September 2014

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How participation awards affects kids. A study from a sports psychologist. Determining whether kids should be given participation awards. Data based on Reason Magazine. A general feeling from majority celebrities that trophies should be awarded to winners only Provides a basis for discussion and comparison on the implications of awarding participation trophies. Does not look at the positive side of awarding the trophies.

Science says Participation Trophies are a Big Win for the Little ones.

Jason Powe.


28 August 2015

The pros of awarding participation trophies to kids. A study in the game of soccer. What benefit it has on kids. Case Study of an end of soccer season. A scientific approach. An inclination towards the feeling that efforts should be rewarded. Provides a different approach based on science rather than personal opinions. Does not compare with negative implications of awarding participation trophies.

Participation Awards: Good or Bad?

Sunny Chen.

Blog/Early Childhood Education.

1 November 2015

Comparison of the pros and cons of awarding participation awards. A study from an early childhood education professionals perspective. Putting the pros and cons of awarding participation trophies on the weighing balance. An analysis of an early childhood education professional. Both sides of the coin have positive and negative implications. Provides a comparison of implications of awarding and not awarding participation trophies. Does not draw conclusions whether they should or should not be awarded.

Should Kids Get a Trophy for Showing up?

Cory Turner.


9 August 2014

Comparison of the No and Yes sides of the topic question. A study from personal experiences. Looking for reason to award kids participation awards. A general personal perspective on whether participation trophies should be awarded Compares both sides and concludes both are good and bad in equal measure. Gives a comparison of both sides. Does not determine which one is the best option.

Loosing is good for you.

A Merryman.

The New York Times.

24 September 2013

A journalistic perspective on why it is okay to loose Justifying why one should not be rewarded just for participating An insight on how loosing can improve ones performance. Provides an in-depth analysis of how loosing could be turned into motivation. Conclusively explains why people should embrace failure as part of learning and getting better. Encourages people that loosing is acceptable.

Tournaments among both kids and adults are a great source of entertainment and more so, it is a learning process for the participants. These competitions range from academic contests to sports. The award of participation trophies has become an enormously controversial issue. The award of participation trophies tends to the notion that losing is acceptable. (Buhren, 2014)

I look at what effect does this have on kids as well as adults. Awarding participation trophies to kids could be detrimental to their social perceptions in the long run. This makes them believe they are always entitled to something regardless of how dismal their performance is.

On the other hand awarding participation trophies to adults is okay according to me. Adults can distinguish between being rewarded and being appreciated for participating. They know participation trophies can serve to decorate their professional or social resumes. They understand the feel-good effect that comes with winning and a mere participation trophy would not be a reason for them not to give their best. (Ford, 2011)

Jonathan believes that participation trophies are damaging for both winners and losers in equal measure. He comes from the school of thought that when a contestant take part in a contest out of passion rather than reward, they are more likely to bring back better results. This approach involves praising the participants for process rather than for the results. This creates emphasis on improvement during the process which will eventually lead to the desired. (Gorney1995)


Buhren, Christoph, and Marco Plessner. "The trophy effect." Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 27.4 (2014): 363-377.

Ford, Paul R., and Mark A. Williams. "No relative age effect in the birth dates of award-winning athletes in male professional team sports." Research quarterly for exercise and sport 82.3 (2011): 570-573.

Gorney, Stacey M., and James A. Busser. "The effect of participation in a special event on importance and satisfaction with community life." Festival Management and Event Tourism 3.3 (1995): 139-148.

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