Essay Sample on Achieve Success: Learn with Great Teacher Leadership

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Date:  2023-01-30


The main aim for people attending school is to be successful in life, and this makes each student work hard in their classwork to achieve greatness at the end of their learning process. Motivation becomes key to the student's performance, which does not only depends on the student's attitude and hard works but also the leadership qualities of the teachers handling them. Good leadership from teachers create a conducive environment for the students to pass, but when the guidance of teachers is wrong, students become frustrated and discouraged thus affecting their performance, and the most affected subjects according to the research around the world are, mathematics, science, and reading (Angelle, 2017).

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An example is, Sweden, this country's economic status and performance are low, this is because it is faced by the poor performance of her students, which deprived her of knowledgeable people, to develop the economic status of the country. The ability of the students to fully explore and handle his/her inner strength to achieve greatness, the student must receive full support and guidance from the teacher. Some students are slow learners while others are good at classwork, but still, they are required to not fail at the end of their learning; thus they need full support from their teachers (Clandinin and Husu, 2017).

Emphasis is being made to teachers, to show positive and motivating leadership towards students. Research has shown that most students who stay long in schools and proceeds to higher levels of learning are those students who got motivated at early stages or lower stages of learning. Teachers can play this role by being tolerant with students, setting an excellent example to them, through the way they carry themselves, they should be able to reward best-performing students as way f encouraging them to do better, provide counseling services to students and teach them the right qualities and virtues of life (Angelle, 2017). Teachers who are of great to their students, and have higher expectation and plan from their students do achieve greater success, but when the bond between the student and the students grows weaker, the students are likely to perform poorly. When we talk of teachers that bring the best out of their students, we refer to teachers who are, guiding, performance-oriented, supportive, and participating teachers, and they are ready to give direction to students and pass. Teachers, who have negative leadership towards students, are those teachers who don't care about building a good relationship with their students, their primary purpose is to teach, but they are not concerned with the success of the students at all. Thus teacher's leadership qualities can significantly affect students' performance either negatively or positively (Clandinin and Husu, 2017).

Though student's performance is primarily based on the teacher's behavior, but also the emotional support from the teacher to the students is very vital for the success of the students. By the help of Class assessment scoring- secondary (Class-S), which refer to the interrelationship between the teacher and the student to help boost the student's social bond and cohesion between them, and increasing their feeling and confidence in themselves. Class-S touches on the teacher's ability to create a positive environment, through interaction, respectful language, and communication (Clandinin and Husu, 2017). Teachers sensitivity, when it comes to listening and providing for the needs of the students without torturing their emotions, helps to improve the student's positive attitude towards education. The way the teacher handle the adolescent students, matters a lot, the teacher should give room for interaction with the students, hear their problems and opinions and implement those that can be achieved, students should be given opportunity to participates in the leadership roles in the school. When all of these have been honored, then the emotional support in matters to do with education for students will have been solved (Clandinin and Husu, 2017).

The self-determination theory can help shed more light on how teacher's emotional support to students is essential. It is worth noting that a person's behavior is neither controlled nor governed by them but by the desire to meet their social needs and governs other people's activities. A teacher can emotionally support students by, listening, respecting, and understanding their points of concerns and feeling; this can help to boost the student's attitudes and positive motives towards success (Angelle, 2017). When a student is within an environment which ensures, psychological well being and positive feelings towards achieving success, then definitely they are liable to pass. Students who feel, much of belonging to their class and their efforts appreciated with both the teachers and fellow student, they are likely to give their education as compared to those who don't feel that sense of belonging to a particular class environment. And teachers must make students believe in their self- efficacy, that they must believe in themselves and their abilities to make it in life. Accordingly, teachers may want to harness the power of peers for promoting positive aspects of students' academic experiences. Teachers may use their expertise to make them interact with their peers well, and have a feeling that even their peers can be supportive. Finally, teachers must make students to realize their abilities and believe in their self-efficacy, the student's hard work must be recognized and teachers must set a good example to the students and lift their emotions and attitude towards education (Angelle, 2017).


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