Essay on Universal Design for Learning: An Inclusive Approach to Education

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Date:  2023-01-04


Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is one of the validated approach or strategy for teaching designed to meet the needs of all students in a classroom. The core principles include:

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  • Action and expression. - introduces flexibility in the way children interact with materials. It is beneficial to pupils, especially those with learning issues and attention issues.
  • Representation- All students are given equal opportunity to learn and succeed because it provides the students with flexible access to materials.
  • Engagement- develop ways to allows the students to engage with materials and demonstrate their know-how and sustain their interest

The considerations When Implementing the Principles of UDL

The three principles for UDL include multiple means of representing all learners, multiplexes of expression and multiple means of engagement. Based on the age of the students and the needs of representation, expression, and engagement, it is important to be mindful of the following considerations.

  • The students are seven years old. Therefore, it is important to provide an option for perception, language, and comprehension.
  • To provide multiple means for action and expression, it is important to use assistive technology such as activating keyboard command for all mouse actions and using word processors to write their responses to questions.
  • To provide multiple means of engagement the classroom should be safe and distraction-free, invite personal response and give options for sustaining attention and effort.

The Potential Challenges When Implementing UDL

The potential challenges likely to arise when implementing UDL in your future educational setting is that UDL involves large investments in technology. Technology is an enabler in UDL, but implementing technology in teaching children aged seven years is quite challenging. Assistive technology may be useful for teaching disabled children, but this will affect the teacher's schedule. The teacher may not be able to address the whole curriculum methods, goals, assessment, and learning materials.

Response to Corinne Whetstone

I agree with you, Corinne Whetstone. At that young age, the children themselves do not know much and their contribution or expectations is still likely to change during the course. Therefore, the consideration the classmate will need to have in mind when implementing the UDL principles is to understand the students and anticipate changes in their preferences then create a conducive learning environment that encourages them to speak their minds, contribute in the discussion. The learning context or the classroom environment should be interactive and the students should be supportive. The classroom should promote engagement and learning. This means that the materials used should be safe, should be engaging by inviting students to interact and respond and accept multiple perspectives. The solution to the challenges shared is to ensure that the students are provided with means of representation. Therefore, using colors or making text or font size large for easy legibility.

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