Essay Example on Charting a Life Course: My Journey from National Taiwan University to TSMC

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Date:  2023-09-10

My name is Sean, with horoscope being Leo and blood O type. I am outgoing and cheerful, and this trait has given me an opportunity to explore different possibilities in my life. Additionally, resilient and flexible has been crucial guiding principles, which have assisted in overcoming life issues. After graduating from National Taiwan University in 2000, I started my career journey in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). In this institution, I was working as a research and development engineer. It was one of the greatest achievements to participate in the transformation of this dynamic industry, which allowed me to fully witness the development of TSMC. Through the skills and knowledge in the field of engineering, I was able to develop a clear concept about figures and structured logic thinks, which positively impacted my life.

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After working in Hsinchu Science Park for four years, I realized my real interest in career, which outweighed my role as an engineer. In this case, I realized that I have a great passion for business-related fields, which is grounded on an engineer. The aspect would give me an opportunity to interact with people and create a more tangible outcome for the whole society. As such, I decided to study an MBA degree at the University of Chicago that deals with finance and management. Studying in a world-class business school did not only sharpen my knowledge and insight but also provide me with a background that assisted in building a strong global network and perspective, which promotes my capability to interact with talented classmates from different parts of the world. Additionally, my internship gave me a chance to work in a large company, Motorola, which helped to explore numerous business activities such as working on the strategic launch of the legendary mobile phone, Razor, in the Asia market.

After completing my course in MBA, I successfully got an offer from my dream company, the MBB, which is based in Hong Kong. In the company, I was working on projects across various parts of Asia for about four years. On average, I was working for about 90 hours per week. On the project, I was working together with C suite from about 500 fortune companies that operate on strategic planning and implementation. The connectivity positively impacted my experience in the field. The experiences impacted my ability to engage in diverse activities such as problem-solving, decision making, elevator speech, and much more, which influenced my insight and development of solutions to existing social issues. Additionally, working with C suite impact my thinking, which laid a strong ground for my future career. In my second year in BCG, I highly concentrated on healthcare practices, which is a critical area that impacted patients’ lives. The approach opened an opportunity to work in the life science industry in the future.

In 2011, I went back to Taiwan, whereby I worked with the largest pharmaceutical company, ABC Taiwan, as a business operation and marketing director. I worked the company for five years, and then multinational healthcare company CDE as a country manager for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea market from 2016-2018. Working in the healthcare setting for a decade impacted my understanding and knowledge about the whole ecosystem. Furthermore, the interaction assisted me in building the rapport with physicians from major medical centers with the first-hand market intelligence. The managerial experience impacted my understanding of a global perspective.

From 2018, I started my career as a managing director in EFG, a leading global firm in medical aesthetics. In the company, I managed to deal with millions of revenues, and this impacted my experience in anti-aging and medical aesthetics. Through promoting the concept, “medical aesthetics is more about lifestyle, not disease treatment,” we successfully made products that effectively fit in the general public, which impacted the company sales.

On family background, my wife, Jessica, and I have been together for 24 years. Working in an education consulting company, she has managed to learn more about me. Despite going three times at the gym per week, I love spending my leisure time with my friends as I believe it is a crucial way to reduce pressure in life.

I do look forward to joining the prestigious and well establishment PPP. Through understanding the top-notch entrepreneurs and CEOs in the company, I will synergize my business as I will have background information from various companies working differently. By interacting with PPP members, I will consider as friends and unofficial mentor, who will further improve my understanding in the field of business. Additionally, my knowledge in health care will assist in providing critical medical services that members of PPP and their families may require to enhance a good work health balance. Usually, not every individual is interested in a new face, but health is a critical aspect of their life. Through the aspect, it will be easier to improve workers' energy, thus refreshing their ability to contribute to an organization, which will portray my experience.

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