Essay on Vocational Goals: Education, Life Skills, Math, Productivity, and Employability

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Date:  2023-04-08

Question 1

The vocational goals entail partaking in education courses at the community college, concentrating on life skills instruction and practical reading. There is also the aspect of taking educational courses on practical math, productivity, and essential employability skills as well. Concerning employment, after graduation, there will be volunteer work for eleven hours per week at the local hospital in the department of food services with time-restricted provisions of a job coach. It will thus mean meeting and interacting with different people.

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The degree being pursued will be crucial for the preparation of vocation due to the stronger emphasis on communication and interpersonal skills. The degree expands the knowledge of communication and further imparts one with information on how to communicate with the general public. As such, communication skills will be vital when working at the local hospital due to interacting with people. Moreover, the degree will impart crucial knowledge on how to manage emotions that are relevant when dealing with people. Individuals have different attitudes, and sometimes, it may be tough to deal with them efficiently. Therefore, the degree will impart one with the necessary skills on how to deal with people by comprehending them with their different nature and backgrounds as well.

Question 2

The strengths include the capability to learn in any setting, emotional intelligence, excellent communicator, and readiness to learn at all times. As such, there is always an urge to acquire knowledge and skills in a specific field. As an excellent communicator, it means that one can relate to numerous people with different personalities. Also, it implies that one will have an easy time when doing some of the practical activities in theological education. Emotional intelligence is quite crucial when dealing with people since it means one can effectively manage their emotions in positive ways and relieve stress. It further implies they can sympathize with others, overcome challenges, and resolve encounters.

On the other hand, the weaknesses are impatience and not good at dealing with disapproval. Being impatient means that one easily procrastinate tasks, some of which may be quite relevant. In the end, postponing tasks may lead to one being behind in their schedule. It can also be quite costly concerning time. On the other hand, difficulty in dealing with disapproval means that there is no room for improvement. However, when criticism is taken positively, then there will be improvements in tasks being done, and in the end, they will be completed.

Question 3

Effectiveness in forming a counseling relationship is due to the ability to listen. It is evident that listening is among the most valuable counseling skills. As such, by listening, there is the acquisition of all the information being given. There is also the ability to ask questions which are crucial in a setting that requires therapy. On the other hand, there is the ability to reflect, which will be useful in describing the state of the client or current situation. Affirmation is also essential in the formation of an effective counseling association. It is a form of encouragement used to affirm behaviors or choices made in life. Success in forming a productive counseling relationship is also due to the possession of empathy. The ability to place one on the shoes of others demonstrates that one understands the way people feeling when in a particular experience.

The demonstration of respect for cultural differences is through self-awareness. Intercultural respect commences with the awareness that one's culture is not valuable than the others. Also, gaining valued information on other cultures assists in minimizing tensions. The absence of comprehension usually partakes a function in intercultural tension. Also, acquiring more knowledge about religion helps one to comprehend other cultures.

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