How to Write a Book Review? Example of Book Review

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Exclusively how can an individual capture a content of the whole book? Actually book review gives an avenue for the book summary. The book review varies from one individual to another depending on the perspective an individual has read the book. Book review gives the summary of the authors details, the book details, content of the book and the comment from the reader.

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Book review format

The format of the review is the content lay out or arrangement of the information in a book review. The book review will have an outlay that enables the reader to understand what the book review is all about. First and foremost state the title of the book. The title of the book gives the reader an overview of what the book is all about.

Furthermore, state the name and the age of the author of the book review if possible and place of origin. This easily identifies the setting of the review and relationship between the author of the book review and the book.

Most importantly, explain the content of the book. The process may need a summary of the story line of the content. The content should be easily followed and linked to the book. On the last part of the book review the writer has to give their perspective on the book.

Example of a book review

Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering.

AUTHOR: Osman Robert

REVIEWED BY: Nathan Oilster. Age 5, central New Jersey Mensa

In every days life of the petroleum engineering, the growing interests on the field led to publication of the book. The book tries to explain the main components of drilling mechanisms and machines used in the process. Moreover, it covers the fundamental part of the directional, horizontal and vertical drilling. The specialty in the area of the drilling mud types and techniques are explained in details and a simpler way. The rig has many mechanisms covering from hoisting mechanisms, rotating, power generation, prime movers, the drill string and quality survey tools for collecting data.

The all book gives examples of the basins in Mexico. The exploration done there mostly covers the offshore and a small quantity of on shoe drilling experiences. This gives a clear picture of the application of the tools.

COMMENT: The book is great since it uses basic language with clarity of facts that can be understood by the beginner. Great book, especially, for a people who wish to study in the petroleum engineering field.

Can someone help in writing literature review?

Literature review is an explanation of the book content; it varies from one reader to another perspective on the content. It is therefore good to incorporate other people ideas. This means you can as well as get help from the fellow readers and the instructor. The content enables the writer to get possible perspectives.

Can you get writing Help online?

At the advent generation, internet is become a basis of the most activities and communication. If the writer cannot get enough time and clear content of what they want to review, they can get help online as well as use available templates. It is advantageous since you can get more specialized and experienced people having different ideas.

In conclusion, book review writer should always have the content at hand as they must give the summary of whole content. The summary should involve the title of the book, the author and the book reviewers name. In the process of reviewing you will give the main content and make a comment on the book.

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