Case Study Sample on HR Manager's Role: Kansas City HCIT

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Date:  2023-10-17


It is the goal of every organization to attract, motivate and keep qualified employees; it is also the wish of every organization to hire the best talent in the market, which is where the Human Resource (HR) comes into play. The HR manager plays a significant role in the organization. One function of an HR manager is getting the right kind of human resource at the right time for the organization; the human resource includes employees (Armstrong, 2020). The Kansas City HCIT case examines a scenario where a choice has to be made regarding four candidates for a job opening. The assigned task is to recruit a new sales consultant; the new sales consultant should be able to help with the sales of the firm's new HCIT solution to a worldwide marketplace. One of the job requirements is traveling from Monday through Friday, which allows the sales consultant to work in hand with people in a prospective company. Another job requirement knows the effects of economic arenas on healthcare that involve cost, technology, availability, and ethics. Finally, the job needs the consultant to be articulate, knowledgeable about the terms and technology used in medicine, and be sophisticated.

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Job Requirements

Considering the job requirements above, the picked candidate among the four has to meet the specified job requirements. The selection process should be fair without any bias; the process should only be based on the assessment of the curriculum. The first candidate, Ren Sanspit, has had a good career; she has worked as a dentist; she, however, has a habit of constantly changing jobs, which may prove to be a problem. For that reason, Ren Sanspit is not suitable. Another candidate Angie Gram has worked as a medical technologist where she has had a good career. She also graduated first in her class. Nonetheless, she does not speak fluent English even though she is working on improving it. The job wants someone who will help in bringing the sales division back to where it belongs, not someone who will take more time learning another language, also mastery of communication is vital in the sales job, for that reason she does not cut it.

The third candidate is Medica Seles. His resume is impressive; he has experience of 5 years working as a medical sales consultant. He has won a consultant of the year award in his previous job, which shows how qualified he is. However, he is getting married soon, and his reasons for moving into the city are personal; they are to satisfy his immediate needs. Also, the fact that he is getting married soon may hinder him from traveling out of the city any time soon. Medica Seles does not cut it, which leaves the fourth candidate, Karen Comfort. Karen has held various positions within the medical specialty practices, which means that she is well versed in medical technologies and terminologies. On top of that, she has a BSN; she is also single, which means she can travel for long hours without feeling a burden, guilty, or something.


For the above reasons, the candidate I would pick for the sales consultant job for the sales division of the organization is Karen Comfort. In addition to the qualities mentioned above, she also has experience working in the medical field. Karen has what it takes for the job; she has worked in different medical specialty practices, which means she is aware of the effects of the economic and political arenas on the healthcare industry that involves costs, availability, technology, and ethics. Also, traveling will not be a problem. For these reasons, she cuts it; she is the best suited among the four candidates.


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