Essay on My Ambitions: A Reflection on My Future and Life

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Date:  2023-02-11

It took me ages to think, explore, and reflect my ambitions. Ideally, my reflection on my future began when I was a little kid. All this evolved from the common playful question of what I would like to be when I grow up. This common questions from teachers and parents triggered a series of refection in my mind. Something which later changed how I used to perceive life. My interest in identifying my resolutions and working on them has grown drastically over the ages. My desire for attaining individual best has evolved in the course of my life. The drive to become someone better in my life came with some sense of determination. My Perseverance, endurance, and determination have significantly brought substantial change in my life. In the course of examining my life ambitions, I came across various barriers. There is always a broad frame of possibilities. Exposing myself through a variety of them confuses me. Some working out pretty well while others are failing to work out. My ability to face the reality of life with heroic confidence and self-efficacy has played a significant role in the development of my career. My education, exposure, skills, and techniques gained have been crucial in making my decision in this ever-changing career market.

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E-portfolio is one of the professional resources that has facilitated the achievement of my ambitions and my career as well. An e-portfolio is a vital asset in higher education (Woodley, 2011). This tool has provided a quality education that I need as a student. Different institutions have used this higher education tool to assess students and produce the best of quality. E-portfolio has been an incredible tool in collecting my work, identifying my strength as well as my weaknesses, and striving to attain the best. During my studies, e-portfolio has been providing adequate resources, consolidating the curriculum, providing comprehensive insights and a blueprint of developing my career. I have been able to build up my academic identity, improve the ability of self-assessment, and plan my educational journey. This higher education tool allowed me to discover my opportunities and the different tasks that I should carry out on campus. Since everything is on record, I can easily keep track and measure my progress. My e-portfolio enables me to incorporate the experience, skills, and abilities with the knowledge that I gained in class.

A resume is important. I have never underestimated the importance of a resume. The impression, at first sight, is critical. In an era of limited job opportunities, I found it wise to equip myself with a professional resume that can make a discernible difference. My resume, which contains the right and relevant information, has withstood all odds and attracted the attention of different employers. My experiences, skills, techniques, and education papers indicated in the resume have portrayed my diligence and professionalism in executing various tasks assigned to me. I have been relevant as far as my resume is concerned, surviving in a society where only the fittest live the next day. My resume portrays me as a flexible person who can adapt to different business and environments as well. Competence, which is a crucial aspect of a business, has been a significant discussion on my resume (Wright, 2011).

My cover letter has not been necessarily the most important tool I need to venture the job market. However, it's quite insensible to down look its importance. I have used my cover letter to target employers and jobs. Identifying myself and explaining to the employer why am the best candidate for that job. My capabilities and my professional skills picture me as an ideal candidate. I have experienced an incredible career progression over the years, courtesy of my cover letter. The way I express myself in the cover has shown how well I understand the industry.

Professional resources have been essential in my career. These resources are widely affiliated with businesses. I have been able to show how I can be the game-changer in different dimensions in business. My ability to integrate knowledge, skills, and experience has always pulled me from the crowd. I have successfully persuaded different employers with my ability to express myself appropriately. I have portrayed my ability to take businesses to the next level by focusing on the company's business plan. I have helped companies to achieve their future goals. The diverse knowledge, self-assessment, the insights and diversity obtained in e-portfolio are vital drivers of any business (Nunn, 2010). Due to the vast reaches of technology, there are different aspects which are subject to change. Experience, skills, knowledge can change concerning different situations.


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