Bullying and Suicide in Adolescents Essay

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Date:  2021-03-26

A: Alcohol and drug use in suicidal behavior and bullying.

Bullying among adolescents is identifiable in four different bullying types which include verbal, relational, physical, and cyberbullying. Various studies have linked various provocative and painful behavior to bullying and suicidal behaviors. The most consistent risk behaviors were alcohol and illicit drug use (Litwiller & Brausch, 2013). The studies also suggested that the experiences of victimization trigger psychological states that increase the vulnerability of adolescents to Engage in substance use. Studies indicated that drug addiction and violent behavior by the adolescents were positive predictors of suicidal behaviors. The studies explained further that violent behavior that resulted in mental anxiety and physical pain lead to adolescents habituation to physical and psychological suffering, which were linked to suicidal behaviors.

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B: Violence or physical aggressive behavior amounts to bullying victimization and suicidal behavior positively.

Studies have also revealed that victimized adolescents through physical violence bullying, are likely to exhibit violence towards other teenagers. The analysis of this relationship showed that the activities were cyclical, where the victim of bullying becomes a bully afterward. The adolescents who were both bullies and victims were more vulnerable to acting violently (Litwiller & Brausch, 2013). Additionally, the studies revealed that teens who participated in violent activities were at a high risk of performing suicidal behaviors. The studies provided an interpersonal theory to link victimization to suicidal behavior. It stated that the environment created by bullying victimization presented the victims with a feeling of dissatisfied belongingness that triggered deadly desires.

C: Unsafe sexual activities contribute to provocative and painful behaviors.

What makes any sexual behavior potentially unsafe? Forced sexual activities, unprotected sex, and anonymous sex, are the most provocative and painful behavior that adolescents face that leads to bullying and risk of suicidal behavior in adolescents. These behaviors co-varied with suicidal and bullying behavior exhibited by teenagers. The studies indicated that youth who had been victims of explicitly relational and verbal bullying were likely to participate in unsafe sexual practices (Litwiller & Brausch, 2013). The teenagers engaged in the risky sexual behavior as a mean for coping with the adverse psychological effects, from the victimization experiences. Studies have also shown that the consequences of unsafe sexual behavior were comparable to those of victimization. The studies also demonstrated that involvement in risky sexual behaviors propelled the adolescents towards performing the suicidal behavior.


Litwiller, B. J., & Brausch, A. M. (2013). Cyberbullying and physical bullying in adolescent suicide: the role of violent behavior and substance use. Journal of youth and adolescence, 42(5), 675-684.

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