Paper Example on GM Strike: UAW Seeks Better Pay, Improved Working Conditions

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Date:  2023-02-27


General Motors (GM) workers' strike has lasted several weeks since it commenced in September. GM involved the United Auto Workers (UAW) in negotiations to renew its members' contract in a bid to end the strike (Colias & Naughton, 2019). The article describes the collective bargaining process undertaken by the parties and expresses the possibility of resolution. The union members sought better pay and improved working conditions. I chose the article because it demonstrates the role of the union in representing the needs of automobile company workers.

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The union is responsible for setting payment standards and ensuring workplace protections. The organization failed to meet these requirements hence the strike. The article indicates how the union protects employees against wrongful discharge through bargaining agreements. Through the item, I learnt the importance of joining the workers union when employed. Union members can initiate collective strikes in protest against substandard conditions. Such hits acted as a bargaining instrument during negotiations and called off once they resolve.

Interest Bargaining

Interest arbitration involves presenting unresolved contract negotiations between labour unions and employers to a neutral authority for resolution. It is bound by an advance agreement between the union and employer to accept the arbitrator's terms (Rose, 2016). The common pros of interest arbitration include flexibility, privacy, simplified procedures, and cost-effective. The schedule of hearings is according to the parties' needs, including weekends. It involves uncomplicated evidence and procedural rules, unlike the typical court proceedings, hence easily adaptable to the requirements of all parties. Privacy remains during proceedings, and often parties agree to maintain the final resolution terms confidential. Interest arbitration is a cheaper and faster alternative to resolving employment disputes.

The cons of interest arbitration include questionable objectivity, limited transparency, and resources. The arbitrator identification process lacks independence, and the mediator is likely to rule in favour of the appointing group. Since the accounts remain private, the probability of bias is higher, unlike open court proceedings (Rose, 2016). It is difficult to appeal for an illogical award since the arbitrator's final decision binds the agreement. Limited witness cross-examination results in unfair rulings. Often, interest arbitration retains antagonism between involved parties.

The private sector avoids interest arbitration because the process only utilizes negotiations drawn from the union. The arbitrator, therefore, ignores prior bargaining agreements between the employer and employee. Additionally, the private sectors avoid unanticipated financial costs incurred if the arbitrator decides against them.


Arbitrators decide disputes after several hearings and submission review. The process begins with a preliminary hearing whereby the arbitrator, claimant, and respondent discuss the case. The parties then submit dispute information to the arbitrator who reviews and schedules the second hearing. Evidence and testimony present to the arbitrator in the next meeting. The mediator allows the submission of additional documentation in a different setting to ensure evidence exhaustion. The next stage involves a thorough review of the presented information and an impartial assessment of each side's suggestion. Finally, the mediator calls upon both parties and issues the final decision (Chen & Rabe, 2012). An award, where applicable, is offered to the party favoured by the ruling. The arbitrator closes the case record as the decision is legally binding.

The arbitrator, therefore, determines the procedure that allows both sides to submit documentation and respond to claims presented by each other. The final decision forms the basis on the subsidiary evidence and inscribed application. All involved groups determine the case duration. Although I have never participated in arbitration, I heard that it is common in labour and consumer disputes. It is a cheaper and faster employment dispute resolution.


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