Application Example for the Passenger Service Agent Position

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Date:  2021-03-26

It is with great enthusiasm that I seek to apply for the position of a passenger service agent at British Airways, as advertised on the companys website on October 10, 2016. I am a qualified graduate who would be a perfect match for the position. With two years experience serving as a passenger service agent at Skyward Inc, and a Bachelors Degree in Airline and Airport Management, I am self-assured that I have acquired exceptional skills and experience that make me the ideal candidate for fill this position.

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Your skills requirement for the job

Excellent customer care service to responsibly meet the safety needs and demands of the clients and airport staff

Powerful spoken and written communication skills to communicate effectively with passengers on luggage restrictions. As the element of the regular responsibilities, passenger service is facilitated by effective communication skills. Passenger service agent delivers vital information to the passengers such as; providing details about a flight connection, delays, changes in schedules, emergencies, and weather changes (Chen and Chen, 2014, 45). Also, it is the role of the passenger service agent to reply to the queries of the passengers. As well, he/she should be highly proficient in English and candidates who have knowledge of foreign languages will be preferred.

Problem-solving ability to calm and reassure nervous passengers, and to address the complaints of the customers

Should be empathetic to take care of individuals with disabilities and children

Hardworking and self-driven individual who has a strong passion for serving people

My qualifications

I have excellent communication skills that I have acquired for my current position at Skyward Inc, Delaware. Just like other professional skills, my communication skills did not come naturally, and I developed them through constant practice. My principal objective has been to ensure that all the parties in a conversation are listened to and understood. To achieve this goal, I have practiced active listening skills. According to Kawamich et al., (2015, 16), active listening is a vital element of an effective communicator. I do not interrupt passengers, colleagues, and managers and I pay attention to what is being communicated. Moreover, I understand the value of assuring the speaker that I am listening to use of nods and nonverbal cues. Also, I pay attention to the nonverbal cues of other people. I understand that body language, and tone sends a powerful to other people. Most importantly, I have knowledge in French and Germany. My skills will be of great importance in ensuring adequate customer service, and I am convinced I will facilitate a positive customer influence.

I am empathetic, which makes me an exceptional customer service provider. I have learned to show adequate understanding of the concerns and emotions of the passengers. I will use this skill to build a meaningful and engaged relationship with clients and colleagues to facilitate meeting their expectations.

My problem-solving skills are unquestionable. In my current position, I have focused on finding the right solutions by combining institution and logic. Mistakes do not discourage me, and as reported by Nickerson, Yen, and Mahoney (2012, 52), mistakes provide opportunities to reflect and learn from previous choices. I portray the high level of confidence in every undertaking and I have inspired fellow employees to take on challenges that display their ability to provide superior services. I will use this skill to ensure that the concerns of the customers are sufficiently addressed.

I am a self-motivated and hardworking person. I recognize that nothing is achieved easily and I understand my purpose in the organization and life. I do not need to be pushed to get things done, and my morale has been consistent throughout the year. I am positive that the return of investment of a person like me will be incredibly high because the foundation of a successful company depends on its ability to hire results driven and industrious individuals.

This opening fits in my five-year career ambition. I firmly believe that ambition is a major factor in keeping the company innovative. Within this period, I seek to achieve great leadership skills to lead employees in the firm within the company. My self-confidence and positivity will assist me to realize this ambition within your organization.

I have enclosed my CV to support my application, and I am grateful for your taking the time to assess my credentials. It is in great anticipation that you will recognize my passion, competence, and ability in the field of passenger service agency. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you about this opening, and how I could utilize my skills and experience to benefit the organization.


(Your Names)


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