Statement of Purpose for Nursing School Paper Example

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  559 Words
Date:  2022-11-07

Three years ago, in the Military Entrance Processing Station, an officer asked me, "I only got two jobs for you today, one is Licensed Practical Nurse (68C) and the other is a Truck driver, (88M)." The officer wanted to know which military career I would choose. My career of nursing stared right that moment. I had no much intention to become a nurse originally until that day when I realized my desire for a culture of care. I compared the two options of being a truck driver and nurse and developed my passion along the line of healthcare. Besides, I wanted to acquire my citizenship as soon as I could since I was an international student. Currently, I am a US citizen and an army reservist and have served for three years now. I did not anticipate that that decision would positively influence my life in the future.

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During the clinical rotation in the VN course in the military, I had a noble opportunity to learn various skills and knowledge necessary to develop a nurse. It was a learning environment where knowledge was created and shared and through the nursing roles, I acquired my liking for the course grew stronger. In the preceptorship period, I was privileged to work in the ICU for a month. Seeing patients struggle with different illnesses on hospital beds made me feel a sense of empathy for them and I used my time to comfort them and I had a heartwarming moment when they got better each day with the assistance of other health care team.

After acquiring my LVN license, I worked for five months at a long-term acute health facility. During this period, I established fast learning skill and became very interested in this particular job. Correspondingly, I learned time management and developed emotional support for patients. Nursing career presents various challenges in the work setting. It is a very stressful career coupled with long working hours. The passion and desire helped me grow a resilience which tackled my anxiety and stress.

As a nurse, I want to become someone who would not only offer healthcare but also emotional support to patients at their weakest moments in their life and comfort them through their hard life challenges and religious support. It will be quite fulfilling to become a professional in the nursing field that many people find approachable.

My long-term goal is to become an ICU nurse with a firm commitment to caring for patients. To become an ICU nurse, I have to become an RN with relevant skillset and experience. As such, I have worked diligently to instill relevant skills with a great interest in learning new things in challenging environments. Particularly, I will be interested to work as a critical care nurse in the future to offer adults and neonatal care in the ICU. This job is quite fulfilling and to me, it is not necessarily about the paycheck and privileges but for impacting of others' lives through healthcare and behavioral change.


I have selected this career because I have learned from personal experience how imperative it is that patient receive quality care when they are at their vulnerable states. I feel good when someone gains a positive attitude when they regain health. I am hoping that the RN program would be the beginning of a fantastic lifetime experience.

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