Essay on Integrating Technology in Education: A Comprehensive Guide to SAMR Model & Tablets

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Date:  2023-02-09

The evolution of technology has resulted in various changes in the context of education. The internet is the fastest service provided by technology; therefore, creating an electronic library of information used in learning activities. The use of computers in the classroom has promoted interaction among students. SAMR is the best model for classifying technology used in the classrooms.

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Teaching with TabletsI picked this article because of the comprehensive and important information it contains on how the use of tablets improves learning. The article focuses on how the iPad changes the teaching styles in higher education. Also, I selected the article because it provided insightful information on the ways of promoting lesson planning and classroom management through the use of digital technology.

SAMR model is important in the classification of technology applied in classroom-based on the functionality purpose. Augmentation technology is presented in this article because it substitutes other learning materials and activities but functional improvements. I picked this type of technology because of the desire to reduce paperwork and organize my notes.

Tech Alternatives for the One Computer Classroom I selected this article because it offers important approaches that can be used to solve the problems related to the use of one computer in the classroom setting. This article focuses on the importance of integrating technology in the classroom to ensure effective learning styles. The alternatives identified in the article include a presentation tool that enables people to share their ideas and experiences in the learning process.

The type of technology identified in this article is substitution because it provides substitutes that act as alternatives for the previous learning approaches and activities without resulting in any functional change. I picked the substitution type of technology because I intended to improve learning outcomes without emphasizing in the functional changes resulting from the application of the alternatives in the classroom context. For example, improving the presentation of power points notes to students in the classroom.

Why Every Student Should Be in a 1:1 ClassroomI picked this article for analysis because offers succinct information on the importance of one-to-one technology in the classroom. In this case, each student has access to a laptop computer in the classroom. The article also enables teachers to differentiate the assignments delivered by the students based on their contents.

Modification is the type of technology identified in this article because it allows for redesigning of the learning activities. I will choose this modification type of technology to enable teachers to design their contents and learners' assignments based on the needs of all students. For example, one-to-one technology system in the classroom enables students to pause videos severally is the traditional lectures is faster. Through the use of modification technology in the classroom setting, contents can be differentiated to improve learning outcomes.

Adding a Suggestion and Recommendations from the Posts provided by Classmates

The use of modern technology in the classroom context promotes learning activities. What are the main advantages of mobile technologies in the classroom setting? How can technology be used to reduce the cost of learning and improve performances of students? Mobile technology is important in the learning process because it leads to the flexibility of the activities. Also, the adoption of technology promotes digital conversations especially with the use of tablets in the classroom. Mobile technology also makes it easy for students to share their knowledge and skills because it promotes interaction during learning processes in the classroom setting.

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