Essay on Honor Codes: Essential for University President to Develop for Fair Playing Ground

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Date:  2023-03-28

Honor codes are essential for both the students and other stakeholders in a school environment; hence the president of the university needs to develop an honor code for the school. Honor codes create a fair playing ground for all the stakeholders in a school set up; hence the idea needs to be supported. The Honor codes create an environment where the students and the teachers do the right thing by maintaining the highest standards while learning, and the teachers playing their roles in teaching the students. Honor codes make the students to be committed to their education through self-regulation, where the students chose to do the right thing.

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The students need to understand that the Honor codes are for their benefits because it creates a healthy culture where the students work hard in achieving the results that they desire as opposed to using illegal means to pass their examinations through cheating (Gulnaz, 2019). The students need to know that creating a culture of working hard as opposed to fraud makes the student gain the culture of working hard for the goals they want to achieve in their lives as opposed to using shortcuts to achieve the goals which affect the society as a whole. The idea of Honor codes needs to be supported because the students get to understand the importance of working hard as opposed to cheating in their examinations.

A culture of examination cheating has been created among the students; therefore, changing the culture will face opposition among the student; thus, it is essential to convince them on the positive side of honor code for the school (Gulnaz, 2019). Among the changes that the honor code offers to the students is that it promotes academic honesty which is achieved by students reporting their colleagues caught cheating in their examinations. The students ensure that those students who cheat in their examinations are punished until the culture of cheating in examinations is changed. Cheating in examinations results in an unqualified professional who cannot deliver in their responsibilities because there are not qualified and do not have the skills required.

The Honor Code benefits all the students by creating a fairground in terms of competition among the students, where the most hardworking ones get rewarded for their hard work (Gulnaz, 2019). The fairness is demonstrated by having no students allowed to cheat while others don't cheat, leading to unfairness. The injustices are caused by crimes that happen because the students get used to using illegal measures to achieve their goals and dreams. The students need to understand that the honor code is for them not for their teachers hence opposing the changes they will continue to lose.

The corporate market has been complaining over the years of the quality of job seekers entering the market, arguing that they lack the skills to work; hence they are not qualified to be employed. The president of the university is aware of the complaints from the employers, and therefore he wants to change the narrative (Kessler, 2016). The honor code will make employers regain their confidence in the learning institutions because they will be sure that the grades of the students match their skills. The students need to support the school president because the reforms will increase the rate at which the student secure employment opportunities once they complete their studies.

The students need to know about what is happening in other learning institutions around the world when it comes to honoring codes. Countries that have successes such as china are stringent in their education system have succeeded because the education system encourages independent thinking (Kessler, 2016). A culture of creativity has been created among the students because cheating and other forms of fraud is discouraged among the students. The students need to be encouraged to follow the same standards to promote creativity among the student and help in the growth of the country. The students become independent thinkers when solving examination questions without cheating; hence creativity and innovation are promoted. The students need to understand the benefits of honor codes.

The personal integrity of the students is also enhanced because they get used to the habit of doing things in the right manner. The employers are concerned with the integrity of their employees; hence the students will increase their confidence among employers, increasing their chances of being employed (Wyatt, 2017). The ethical behavior begins with the students helping their friends have good character by reporting them in instances where they see their colleagues cheating in their examinations. When the children make mistakes, they learn from the mistakes; hence they avoid repeating the same mistakes. The errors are part of the learning by enabling the students to know their weak areas that they did not understand fully.

The honor codes also changed the thinking of the students to focus on learning and acquiring knowledge rather than concentrating on grades through cheating (Kessler, 2016). Focusing on learning is beneficial for the students because the students can gain experience and skills that they can apply when they complete their education. There are instances where the students are not able to secure employment; hence they can use the skills gained to do work in solving the problems of the people and being paid. The students will not require to be retrained to perform their roles needed for the companies hiring them. The honor codes ensure the students focus on their education.

The president of the university needs to be supported by the students for the honor codes to be successful. The students are the ones to implement the honor of codes; hence when they understand its importance, they are in a better position to implement and ensure that the program is successful (Wyatt, 2017). The students that oppose the idea of developing an honor code for the school do school because they are not aware of the benefits that are brought by honor code. Examination cheating is an education crime that creates inequality in education were the best students re never known and rewarded for their success in the examination. The cheating students discourage the hardworking ones.


In conclusion, the president of the university should be encouraged to go ahead and develop the honor conduct for the school because it has positive impacts on the students. The honor conduct changes the behavior of the students to the behavior of honesty and behavior, which benefits the students in the long run. The honor conduct uses the governing principles that constitute the honorable behavior of the students; hence the students manage themselves in instilling good behavior among their colleagues. The students become better people when they better their actions to people who can be relied on by the communities that they come from.


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