Reflections on How I Learned

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Date:  2021-03-02

Life is a series of trials and temptations that have to be overcome for each and every one of us to learn. There are those who are extremely careful, and there are those who are simply here to live the days that pass by. We are of a different making but one thing is for sure, we all learn from our mistakes. Most of the time, it is not our righteous acts that bring forth the most memorable situations that we can learn from. The careless mistakes that we commit often remain in our minds for the rest of our lives. Many say that we should not rely on our past, but it is proven that most, if not some have the tendency to commit even worse mistakes as they grow knowing very well they shall regret their deeds. It is not that such people are careless or inattentive, it is the attitude generated from their growth in an age that grants them the freedom to do these worse things. The bridge into adulthood lengthens the leash their parents once had on them thus increasing the chances of such characters making more mistakes. I am such a victim. I have learned from many mistakes, teachings, and my own selfless actions.

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Several breakthroughs that come in life make it look easier than it is supposed to. With these opportunities come great responsibilities and unexpected challenges. The future looks bright but the day-to-day makings of that life can prove to be more and more challenging. It all starts when one forsakes his making. As a kid, you learn to be obedient and respectful to your parents at all times. Nevertheless, you never truly understand how you behaved when you were just a toddler till your parents affirm the truth. However, as you grow up, you learn to listen to what your parents instruct you to do and follow it to the letter. When I was still a kid, I loved playing football out in the fields even though the game was branded as that of grownups. My urge and love for the game, however, made me want to practice and better myself. I did not have many friends at the time but through this game, I was able to meet many neighborhood friends who also loved it.

The game can be demanding as it is revealing. First, I was unable to play it the right way due to a lack of understanding. In every game, there are rules. This was no different. I used to receive plenty of mocking comments about my inability to play the game right but with time, I was creating fear among opponents we played with. By playing it several times a week, I was able to discover new tactics that I could employ to challenge better my opponents. It was through the help of my newfound friends that I was able to achieve my dreams in the game. I was also able to meet and familiarize myself with new people in the process. Traveling to other states to compete proved to be extremely helpful since I could learn to speak their language. This boosted my social skills in a great way. People who were not used to foreign languages were willing to hear the way other people speak. They were also willing to associate with me for different purposes especially to learn different tongues.

The desire to belong is another factor that helped nurture me into a better person. Every individual is blessed with the ability to feel and desire feelings from others. However, these feelings can come in all forms. Happiness has been said to be the most valued feeling. It is hard to get it as it is hard to let it go. I was able to learn this feeling from my daily adventures with my family. The family is the most important aspect of one's life. Whenever everyone else forsakes you, you always have your family to turn to. They will always receive with open arms and give you as many chances since no matter what, you are of the same blood. This is true since in my life as a youngster, I encountered lots of terrible things some of which I was responsible for.

Despite the consequent scolding and punishments from my parents, I was able to learn how to be good to others. I was able to learn the art of humility and good mannerism. It is always a relief when you are scaling through life without any troubles. You are always in a joyous mood and tend to do all the right things. When you behave as such, your parents are also happy, and they do not have to worry about your behavior or where you might end up. All this breeds happiness in you and in the people you care about. Happiness can be so fulfilling and exciting. However, life has taught me that one should not be overly excited. It is during these moments of over excitement that one encounters the worst nightmares. People will come out and try and steal the happiness you have to satisfy their needs.

In the end, one starts developing feelings of anger and disappointment. These are normally the worst moments in life, and they normally end up in one doing misguided acts. When you are angry with someone, for example, you end up hurting them and, later on, regretting your deeds. When I was in elementary school, I used to cherish my privacy, especially during school hours. Most students will want to poke into your life when you do not want any sort of disturbance. I used to hate it when people kept asking questions about whether or not I would like to play when I was busy doing something else. It would make me want to yell at them unnecessarily. Some of them would even report me. These feelings of anger taught me how to be understanding and caring about the feelings of others. With time, I was able to properly socialize with my peers in the right way without letting anger take over. Frustration is a weak point for many humans. It exposes unfortunate traits one did not know they had and in the long run, it ends up hurting those surrounding you and, in turn, haunting you for the rest of your life.

Throughout life, every individual is bound to experience a few instances that render their actions or behavior inappropriate. In several of these instances, we end up being embarrassed by our actions or behavior. One can either learn from such situations or simply ignore the lessons learned. One thing that life has taught me is that when faced with such situations, it is always good to heed the advice of those who think you are doing the wrong thing. It always marks a new beginning for someone who intends to transform their lives. The experience may be humiliating as it is unavoidable. In the end, one learns to accept his fate since every occurrence was destined to happen. Lamenting what one thinks he or she should have done in a given situation only results in stress. When one act transpires, it becomes part of our past. There is nothing one can do to make up for their misdeeds. These stressful thoughts only lead to depression and in worse cases, death. Those who ignore the lessons of such events have only themselves to blame.

Such characters only end up in the worst of places. One can end up in jail for not controlling their behavior or even worse; one can end up dead for all the wrong reasons. I have seen and read many cases of ignorant people who face their worst nightmares because they failed to heed the instructions of those in authority. For example, drug abuse and misuse are common cases in the current world. Those who choose to abuse drugs end up becoming extremely ill and sometimes dead. In worst cases, young people lose their senses and thoughts due to drug misuse. It is said that one never understands the meaning and purpose of something in their life till they lose it. However, if there is one thing that all the cases I have read about have taught me, it is that one should never let they brother or sister stray into immoral behavior. One should never wait to lose those that are closest to him to learn the true consequences of certain deeds.

It is appropriate that we seat back and evaluate our lives so far. The little moments of meditation and regrouping are the reason many of us are still alive to date. Many people lose the sense of direction simply because they cannot understand why they were born into the universe in the first place. We are all subjects of a continuing generation of learners. We are never certain of our true purpose or ourselves even when we say we are. It is what makes us human.

Assignment 2

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Much of the blame for the lack of creativity, and, therefore, innovation, can be traced to our educational system. There is a Creativity Crisis, with evidence of a decline in creativity with students unable to produce creative responses, their ideas less original and inability to elaborate. Discuss.

Creativity is key in the contemporary world if anyone is keen on making out as they have always dreamed. Most of us have always had the desire to dominate others. The only challenge arises when almost every other individual in this fruitful planet decides to emerge on top. This unfortunate coincidence creates the need for every individual or group of individuals to come up with their own ideas. Ideas that will not only be used to explain things but to also facilitate the wellbeing of those involved. Also, some of these creative ideas have proven to be extremely generous to their discoverers. Many bright minds have been able to secure their future through the simple but engaging innovations and creations of our time. The gift of innovation, however, seems to have been gifted to only a few. Many view this as another reason they should not be working to come up with their own ideas. The truth, however, is that apart from their brilliant minds, most innovators throughout history and in the current world had to work had to ensure whatever it is they wanted to feed the world was genuine and reliable. It is through their mastering of the art of creativity that their future is much more than guaranteed.

The concept of creativity does not describe the unique intellectual minds only. It also raises a red flag on the deteriorating rates of creativity among students and scholars. The existence of new technologies such as computers, domains such as Google and the introduction of portable devices such as mobile phones and social media platforms has greatly contributed towards the population's creativity degradation. Statistics conducted since the early 60s prove that the creativity, elaboration and fluency scores have decreased over the years. Elaboration is a score that was then expected to increase in future years. This reasoning was based on the concepts related with IQ scores. IQ scores have been increasing over the years. As a result, it was only right to conclude elaboration standards would improve as well. Fluency scores have also been decreasing steadily since the 90s. This means that we are unable to generate normal ideas. To come up with a general idea, we need to develop as many good ideas as possible. If we cannot do this, we are less likely to generate general ideas. Due to the inability to generate our own ideas, we are unable to come up with original ideas. This, in turn, indicates that we are incapable of generating unusual ideas. Originality is a critical component of creative thinking. Many people claim that they understand what creativity means. In reality, very few of us can understand the elements of creative thinking. There are several creative success stories in almost every country. However, people, especially in the United States are becoming less able of thinking creatively. Moreover, the same characters have become less tolerant of creative people.

When it comes to properly engaging kids during their leisure time, parents should be extra keen about the activities they choose to engage their kids in. Procuring big video games to meet the kids' demands is one way through which our current generation is suffering from a lack of creativity. When kids stay indoors doing the same thing every day, there is not much exposure as many parents would like thei...

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