Essay Example on Rising Student Loans and College Tuition: A Causal Analysis

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  814 Words
Date:  2023-05-23


The writer in this article uses a causal approach where he explains why student loans rise as prices of college tuition increase. He shows how price tags on tuitions are already high, not including housing and meal plans. In the past, student loans have increased with a range of over 50% in only one decade. The title page in this article does not follow the general layout displayed in the recommended sample because the writer does not use the required format for an APA paper.

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The abstract does not offer a complete overview of the document as it does not touch on all key factors that explain how prices have risen. It only shows how price tags on college tuitions are high and leave out on important reasons in the data section, such as students applying for loans without a clear understanding of what they are getting themselves into.

The writer provides an informative introduction that catches the attention of the reader and creates an urge to know more about the topic at hand. The writer clearly explains how various students who graduate from high school get an urge to join college and pursue higher education. However, the price is high for most of them, and they are forced to take loans.

The reader can clearly get a clear picture of what is to be discussed in the rest of the paper from the detailed introduction. The purpose of this report is to explain how a need arises for the amounts of loans given to students to be increased when their college school fees are increased. It also explains how an expensive college school fee is, which makes loans almost inevitable for most students.

The body of the report is organized logically as the writer clearly highlights important subtopics that help to differentiate one section of the discussion from the other. The writer separates the body in key parts, such as the main factors that have caused debts to increase and the facts about how much it has risen, which helps to guide the reader when reading the document.

The reference used follows all the APA guidelines except that it is not placed in a hanging style that is different from how the other part of the paper is usually aligned. There are no in-text citations in the paper, making it unauthentic as most of the words used belong to someone else, yet they are not cited.

The writer does not use a minimum of four sources, and one source used is not a scholarly article. I have learned that most college students depend on loans to facilitate their higher education, which is the reason why student debt has risen from $833 billion to $ 1.56 trillion in the past decade (Hess, 2019). This report can be made better by inserting in-text citations and using more scholarly sources.

Feasibility Analysis Examining the Paycheck Protection Program

The author in this article uses a feasibility analysis to show the roles that the Paycheck Protection Program will have in the current Coronavirus pandemic. The title page and the table of contents follow the general lay-out of the sample recommended. The abstract does not offer a complete overview of the whole document because it does not provide any insight of the Coronavirus disease explained in the discussion section.

The writer offers an interesting and informative introduction that invites readers to follow up more on the article and understand the direction that the article takes in the discussion section. The purpose of this report is to explain what a Paycheck Protection Plan is and how the Trump administration will deal with all applications made. The body of the report is logically organized as the writer separates the work in several subtopics that make the work appealing to the eye and easy to follow. The report does not have any reference page; neither does it have in-text citations.

There are no sources in the paper; therefore, it does not accomplish the requirements of a minimum of four sources. This report has helped me learn about the Paycheck Protection Plan and how it was developed with the aim of giving owners of businesses assistance of cash flows. Such loans can be forgiven if individuals given use them appropriately.

The amount of money that is given to each business is based on monthly salaries, and they are used in filling gaps in payrolls as well as retaining employees in their places of work. This report can be made better by explaining how the current state of the United States due to the coronavirus epidemic will affect the disbursement of the Paycheck Protection Plan and whether those individuals who are given the loans will be asked to pay back after the epidemic is contained.


Hess, A. (2019, December 30). Student debt increased by 107% this decade, Federal Reserve data shows. Retrieved from

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