Free Essay Example on Unlocking the Fascinating World of Nurse Anesthesia

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Date:  2023-10-21

I have also been fascinated by the nurse anesthesia career since high school. However, it was until the summer before my freshman year of college that I gained a true insight into the field of anesthesia. During this time, I was volunteering at a particular Children Healthcare Centre. I was assisting a child life specialist in preparing an eight-year-old girl for a routine tonsil-adenoidectomy. As part of this preparation and process, we carefully demonstrated how the girl would wear the “special space mask.” Additionally, we demonstrated to him the little straw and how to use it to receive sleeping medications during the operation. After this consultation, I reiterated to the child life specialist about my tremendous interest in furthering my education after the nursing school with a specific focus on anesthesia. She later introduced me to one of the youngest effervescent CRNA at the facility, who later allowed me to shadow her tremendously. Together with the experiences I have had as a Registered Nurse, I believe that my interest and confidence makes me a suitable candidate for this program at your university.

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I think it is important for nurses to pursue higher education than they have in the past because an advanced degree is critical in equipping practitioners with the appropriate and more specific skills within a given area. I believe that an advanced degree in CRNA will enable me provide anesthesia and pain management services to patients during surgery as well as other procedures under the supervision of the physician. I will get an opportunity to discuss pain management needs as well as the options, and provide the required healthcare needs. My academic background tremendously supports my passion for becoming an expert in this area. I possess a wide range of skills related to human biology and anatomy, which I believe are sufficient to provide a solid foundation to study anesthesiology. Through the practical experiences with an increase in responsibility and exposure, I am immensely persuaded that being a CRNA is mainly thought-provoking and the best area of specialization in the field of nursing. I have been able to work in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for four and a half years now as a Registered Nurse (RN). Currently, I work in the ICU float pool in the NYP Columbia University Medical Centre, where I am involved in charge of all ICUs equipment and take care of various critically ill, hemodynamically unstable patients’ population. These include the cardiothoracic post-op, general post-op, and the neurosurgery post-op. My interest in becoming a CRNA is based on the fact that I want to have the responsibility to take care of other patients during the most critical time of their life. I believe that this is the time these people place every piece of their trust in the nurse anesthetist. Through the CRNA Program, therefore, I have a feeling that I will be able to receive strong work satisfaction through determination and hard work.

The choice of this program, as offered at your university, is hinged by the fact that the department is among the best and accredited institutions to offer it. This program is fundamentally important because it is designed to enable students to acquire relevant and practical medical skills or techniques that facilitate higher-order thinking and application of medical knowledge towards enhancing high-quality patients’ care. The program’s multidisciplinary nature of integrating various concepts from other sister departments such as pharmacy, surgery, and orthopedics, and general medicine makes me believe that as a CRNA, I would work as an integral part of the operating room as well as the healthcare profession in its entirety. I have strong confidence that I have finally found a career path I have dreamt of since I was young. I desire to be an efficient, kind, and assistive CRNA through learning the knowledge and mechanisms by which the drugs interact in the patient’s body as well as ways of managing pain.

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