Personal Essay Example: My Opportunity in Visiting Tokyo

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Date:  2021-03-25

I have had an interest in visiting Japan since it has a large number and a variety of excellent museums like Nara national museum, National Art Centre Tokyo, Miho Museum just to mention a few. These arts centers principally have different interest based on History, Geography, Arts and Craft, religion, and science.

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In my visit to Japan I will have an opportunity to tour the historical monuments, which will offer me a dynamic opportunity to expose myself to experiences and explore new things rich in educational environment. Through hands-on ply and interactive exhibits, I will have the ability to take ownership of my own learning, develop, and reconnoiter my own curiosities. This unique exposure will also provide me with the foundation for critical thinking, creativity, and world connection. The museums will provide me with a space for experimentation, reflection, inspiration enjoyment, and an authentic learning environment.There exist a number of studios in Japan such as Shigeru Ba Architects where much architectural work takes place. Visiting such studios will acquit me with architectural philanthropism and innovation. The Architects workshops will also aid me to have the aptitude to re-apply conventional skills in differing context, which can result in a span of work characterized by unconventional techniques and structural sophistication. In future, I can use these innovations to create beautiful architectures and also as a tool to assist the needy through creating for them a fast, sustainable, and economical housing solutions especially for the displaced and the homeless.

As an art student visiting the studio of artist Takashi Murakami will acquit me with the knowledge and skills of presenting depictions of commercial objects by way of fine art and also understand how art is created and received.

Japan also has a lot of beautiful contemporary galleries, for instance, the contemporary galleries in Ginza District. The galleries serve as a cultural preservative especially for the Japanese societies. Visiting these contemporary galleries will aid me improve in the quality of my artistic work, inspire me to show my work and make a shift into the contemporary art and lastly, I will learn other peoples cultures.

During my visit in Japan, what interested me most is, participating in Art and Design Workshops at Kyoto University of Art and Design. I was able to interact with the university students and shared ideas in the field of art. I was also able to develop my creativity by having a chance to learn a new skill in carpentry. I came to find out that people in the workshop are consequently passionate about whatever they do, and would like to majorly share it with strangers. In the workshops, I was capable of having a glance at different designs of arts and this really inspired me because I came to believe that it is possible to even design an airplane. One of the greatest elements of a workshop is mostly other participants and each and every facet in a workshop is profiled and documented for easy reference and studies.

In conclusion, museums offer several opportunities for students to learn about the past, for instance, History and Arts students are exposed to resource management of culture which is intended to prepare them to work in arts, cultural establishment, and museums in different states. Museums also contribute a lot to the society by preserving and protecting natural and cultural heritage. They as well deliver benefits to the members of the society by acting as sources of local, regional, and national identities. The archaeological museum also houses materials which are basically used for research and this enables students to acquit themselves and have confidence in their artistic work after the research.

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