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There are many ways of getting a degree nowadays or a certificate for academic excellence, but even if bachelor degrees are exceptionally easy to get nowadays and for now we will look at the available platforms that are the best to possess an academic certificate in today's world. One of the best ways to get that long-awaited academic degree is online courses. Learning is always essential to great professionals and what makes them great, frequently what to learn next is the biggest challenge when you could master so many skills out there. You can take a few different paths to answer that question, you sought after what skills to look for (Winston, 2013). With online courses, each one is quite different from any other and the components available to the different courses offered by the many colleges around are available for the instructor's use in online instruction delivery.

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There is one question that every student should consider before taking an online course, is online learning for me? In the description and name of any course out there, it may have a similar way of offering between the online version and face to face. The delivery of the online course can have many differences and that potential student's expectations from the instructor, prior to registration serious consideration need to be taken (Hauser 2016). Even more appealing is the unique requirements and structure more important than understanding online course itself and what a successful online learner takes to understand the course itself.

Film Studies

Students taking an online course in film studies, an array of topics may be learned according to areas associated with the film industry, film theory and criticism is what is mainly focused by many courses. You can also learn about the art of film making and the history behind it on your online film making class. Courses which can be said to be detailed can be sprung from themes, genres, animation and directors, impact on cultural and historical aspects focused on the interdisciplinary courses that look at the foreign films that the industry has had in the past. Elements such as screenwriting, videography and sound design may allow students to gain knowledge on film production.

Challenges Faced by Online Students

Online studies or eLearning being the education latest wave, already posing challenges even if they have to fair show for both instructors and students (Vitak 2016). There are a number of common problems faced by students in eLearning or online classes and by use of proper initiatives need to be properly solved;

Adaptability struggle, this is a key problem because changing from a traditional face to face classroom taught by an instructor to training which is computer based and in a virtual platform, makes the students feel different because of that learning experience. This switch may, therefore, bring problems as going into the future.

Technical issues, strong internet connection if not provided well may pose difficulty to many students who are online students and this makes them lag behind their other virtual classmates and this may, in fact, be problematic.

Time management, this tends to be a difficult task for online learners as eLearning requires a lot of ample time, even if people prefer online courses for the time flexibility they rarely have time to take the courses because of other commitments because of their day to day lives.

Outcomes for the Course

The world is an ever-changing arena, and it has definitely become more digital, flexibility for online education may continue to evolve especially the traditional education models for students who do not align with their needs. Critical thinking is as important to every individual, as is film studies which submerges the student into. A student may enhance his or her abilities when taking this cause by analyzing and being detail-oriented even by identifying biases and this is very useful in a film-related career and more. In order to enter into an arena of film making and film studies taken a course by students and there are certain jobs that are best known to be sought after by these students, screenwriter, director or camera operator. We can also witness that, there is an increased student engagement on to where these students view a lot of virtual educational videos which have a high outcome of results.

The motivation of Online Students

The main question about online students is how to get them interested in their studies, or in short how to motivate them and this is so vital when facilitating an online course. The online learners motivate using the following strategies: increase of relatedness, personalization of the course increase context provided by weekly announcements posting that previous work connects the upcoming work and overarching course goals. Increase competence, increasing the confidence of the learners and improves work quality, get feedback when practicing all parts of an assignment before turning in for a final grade.


In summary, depending on this virtual platform on the film subject matter, a film online course can be designated to film schools or other learning institutions. The good thing about online courses is that students have the right to choose what they want and what they feel is right for them. Whether a student has an edge or not online or in the classroom is irrelevant, as experts show a very tight gap between the two learning formats.


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