Reflections on Teaching Mathematics: Planning, Assessment, and Continuous Improvement - Essay Sample

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Date:  2024-01-28

The main aim of this essay is to reflect on what I have learned as a mathematics teacher. Teaching mathematics requires skill and an ability to connect with learners in a way that impacts them positively (Santos-Trigo, 2020). My goal in teaching mathematics is to prepare learners for a world where the subject is highly applicable in many fields. I try to ensure that my methods of teaching positively impact learners (Santos-Trigo, 2020). Furthermore, I have learned to assess my learners to understand each of their abilities and learning speeds (Santos-Trigo, 2020). Extensive research before handling classes has been a great technique I have always used. This paper reflects what I learned in subject day two about planning for progress in mathematics.

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There were various curriculum objectives for that day. The learning process was also divided into four sessions. The curriculum objectives focused on the need to understand multiple aspects of teaching mathematics. I learned that there was a need to understand that lessons should include sections where knowledge can be applied and assessed. These lessons should aim to facilitate progress and learning of key concepts while understanding the link between the importance of short and mid-term planning. I was captivated by the idea of mathematics being part of a broader curriculum that was not limited to learning mathematics in class.

The objectives of sessions 1 and 2 were planning useful lessons using new curriculum resources. By applying these techniques, I have observed changes in how learners perceive mathematics. Expert teachers developed the new curriculum according to international best practices. The program of International Student Assessment is a global survey whose aim is to assess education systems by testing the knowledge of 15-year-old students. From this, I learned that the United Kingdom is still lagging, and the education system has made little progress when given international rankings. Singapore has the highest ranking in all the fields. The United Kingdom ranks 27th in math, 21st in reading, and 15th in science.

I also learned that lesson planning was an essential aspect of teaching. With planning came various advantages, including maintaining relevance during a lesson. A lesson plan consists of a teacher's road map on the things students need to learn within a set period of class time. A good lesson plan includes objectives—resources, tasks, contexts, and homework. The six principles to support great maths were also an important subject for me. The regulations include challenge, modeling, explanation, questioning, and feedback.

The objective of lessons 3 and 4 was to understand the importance of marking and feedback. It also emphasized the importance of reasoning and its significance throughout a curriculum. From this session, I learned the importance of providing feedback as it offered a means to identify learners' strengths and weaknesses. Teaching strengths and weaknesses can give a method to assess development and devise techniques to help all students. The session talked about the need to explore and use the academic feedback and marking policy and know when to advise

The subject day of learning provided me with great insight to improve my teaching techniques. From the four sessions, I learned the importance of lesson planning, the role of the Programme of International Student Assessment, and the importance of assessing feedback from learners to know about their development.

Reference List

Santos-Trigo, M., 2020. Problem-solving in mathematics education. Encyclopedia of Mathematics education, pp.686-693.

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