Essay Example on Medical Ethics

Date:  2021-04-20 23:19:35
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Life is sacred and therefore should be respected in regards to good health. Every individual is entitled to good health. However, there are discriminatory factors that bring about indifferences when it comes to accessing adequate health care. The mission of Jesus entailed plenty of restoring good health to the sick and giving life to the dead. He was accused of healing the Gentiles, but he defended himself that he treated all those that had faith and trust in him and hence no discrimination (Census Bureau 183). The issues to be considered include;

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Absence of health coverage

The absence of health care coverage has brought about problems associated with finances and medical care for individuals that lack medical insurance. The new deal, which was established in the 80s and brought about the fall of the safety net, has resulted in the decline of medical coverage from the employment industries; from the time it was established till now. The poor, the minority groups and also the white middle-class struggle with maintaining their insurance plans (Census Bureau 184).

Outline on medical ethics

The quality of medical care differs concerning color and ethnicity. Most studies indicate that the issues of poverty and race influence the quality of care given to patients. Also, pharmacies present in areas that are mostly occupied by nonwhites lack enough medication. Death rates from terminal sicknesses are high among the minority groups when compared to the whites. The medical system in the United States is perceived to favor individuals from the upper and middle classes and the whites while putting less focus on the marginalized groups. The system is perceived to bring about more problems and even death among the marginalized groups. Furthermore, when it comes to medical experiments, people from marginalized groups are taken as the participants (Census Bureau 186).


Euthanasia entails the decision of the human being to either live or die. In this light, it can be highlighted that according to Christian ethics, no human has the right to decide to end their life. Additionally, the church does not require the extension of ones life through other means such as life support.


It can be connoted that laws that allow for the killing of prenatal human beings are illegitimate and can be regarded to be against every moral of Christian ethics. On this note, the church has always been against abortion

Artificial Contraception

Currently, the marriage relationship is grounded on love and hope. A child is considered the fruit and success of such a marriage. According to Christianity, a child forms an unbreakable bond between the mutual partners. In this light, artificial contraception can be said to demean the institution of marriage which sanctified and ordained and human nature. Eugenics is purposed at improving the qualities of race or species. Currently, it has progressed towards the manipulation of the human gene to deter such formations as a disability. On this note, it can be highlighted that each and every entity is unique as regards not only his spirit but also his body. On other terms, it is the Lord that gives life and every individual fashioned in his image. On this note, eugenics can be connoted to be against Christian ethics.


Christians maintain their stand against human cloning. This is because human life is believed to transcend from God, fashioned by the Creator and hence, unique in nature.

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