Essay Example on Leaders: Values for Successful Organizations

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Date:  2023-04-09

It is evident that most people are vulnerable to situational influence in organizations, and individual circumstances can easily persuade them to betray their significant values; however, they are recognized as the most ethical and compassionate in their respective business environments. Besides, it is very pertinent to note that without strong moral values in any organization, there is no success, and this may be as a result of unsuccessful leadership.

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As a leader in any capacity and any organization, it takes much courage and boldness when faced with some tricky situations that might, in turn, affect your job or affect the organization as a whole. For instance, when a leader encounters some scandalous behavior in a business environment or any other sector, he or she might be scared in the very first encounter.

He or she may seem confused about the next action (Sharma, Agrawal, & Khandelwal, 2019). Nevertheless, it's advisable to make very bold steps with some courage and share the issue with your boss to discuss the next step out of it and find an amicable solution. Besides, it is most inappropriate to start pointing fingers at some people; however much they may look suspicious or guilty in the case.

According to what I learned this week, in most cases, some organizations may have no or weak ethical values that help in guiding their staff, therefore, even people taken to be having high moral profiles can feel misguided by these poor organization's ethical context, and fall culprits of such uncouth behaviors. Therefore, when a leader faces his or her boss with such issues in such environmental settings, they seem reluctant to offer immediate response on the same, since there are no firm values to lean on while making decisions on such matters; every employee feels free to do anything bearing in mind no policies condemning the same at workplace Xu, Loi, & Ngo, 2016). Therefore, as a leader, when you seem disturbed by some issues regarding ethics, and you face your boss, and he or she seems reluctant about it, use the gap between stimulus and response to reconnect to your values and that of the organization. Again, you must know how to organize your patterns of response when faced with scary situations.

Furthermore, to develop an ethically courageous culture in any corporation: you must learn how to interrupt your standard patterns; develop skills on how to identify team patterns, individuals' routines, and patterns within the organization. And finally, device a skillful response tactic. Otherwise, one without personal ethics, and set procedures of handling unpleasant cases, can engage in a horrific scene.

As a good leader, to handle severe cases at the workplace, you should be endowed with honesty, integrity, and trust; good behaviors like openness to your boss, concern for other people around you, and have good morals; fair, and value-based in decision making. This goes hand in hand with a moral manager who guides his constituents on how to behave and hold them responsible (Bedi, Alpaslan, & Green, 2016), a role model to others, admirable ethical actions, and having a proper communication procedure with his followers.


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