Leadership and Decision Making Questions and Answers Paper Example

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Date:  2022-05-26

What responsibility does the leadership have to resolve a stalemate?

Leaders must contribute to the decision making process on behalf of the electorate. Stalemates often happen in the process of deliberations. It is upon a leader to consider the pressing needs and reach a compromise with other stakeholders hence breaching deadlock.

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How does a legislative leader balance his or her responsibilities to the district's constituents, to all the citizens of the state, to the members of the legislature as a whole, and to the members of his or her party?

The best technique for balancing various leadership responsibilities is to understand the priorities. The duty to serve the constituents is the most crucial. The obligation to consider the state as a whole comes second followed by the party responsibilities and the finally the fellow members of the legislature.

If the budget is a values statement, how should a legislator vote? Does your vote reflect your values or those of your constituents?

A legislator should vote based on the general ideology of the electorate who elect the leader based on the preferred party vales. The vote represents the constituent's values as well as the confidence of the leader in the values

Is it important to consider the impact of the fiscal decisions made today on the future generation? When is it appropriate to ask the next generation to pay the bills we incur today?

It is essential to consider the fiscal impact of the decision on future generation to avert future unwarranted burdens. However, budgetary responsibility tends to spill to future generations and is appropriate when the development of equal magnitude made at present will offer balancing benefit.

What issues or values should you be willing to "trade off" to come to agreement on the budget?

I would convince a vote on the tax re-evaluation which would see an equitable rise in taxation among the rich hence provide funds on a trade-off with a proposal to limit spending by the big government institutions to sustainable rates.

In this era in which the media remind you of every promise you ever made, how can a legislator respond to a changed economy or changed statewide needs?

As much as media has brought about accountability by querying the leadership on promises, it also offers a platform to explain to the electorate on the changes in the economy. A leader ought to enunciate the challenges to the public concerning the issues of change in economic factors and the efforts being made to deliver earlier stated objectives.

What values help you decide between competing and compelling needs? Between providing health care for uninsured children or drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs? Between neonatal care and end-of-life care?

To effectively decide on the various needs in society, I use the equity perspective. Believing everyone deserves unbiased assistance, I would see to it that all domains of social care obtain reasonable allocation of resources that allows each person to find the fulfillment of needs.

When should you be willing to risk the support of your constituents and your contributors and perhaps the wrath of the local editorial board by taking an unpopular position?

In times of glaring economic turmoil when society faces grievous challenges, the only reasonable thing to do is put aside ideology and embrace rationality and reason in solving issues.

When should a legislator cross party lines to resolve an impasse and enable legislative action?

It is wise for legislators to cross party lines when confronted with impasse if such unconventional voting would lead to the greater good of the county. It has happened many times whereby the issues are utterly divisive within the party.

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