Managing the Issue of Innovation in UAE Paper Example

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This chapter will highlight ways in which the UAE has considered the concept of innovation, and the steps it has taken to develop and strategize governing rules to manage the issue of innovation. Additionally, it will also justify the need to govern innovation in the country, by highlighting the role that governance plays in enhancing the concept of governance. This part will examine the strategies formulated by the government leaders to increase innovation, excellence levels that can be implemented in all industries. The move towards innovation in the UAE is a government obligation, and leaders are working towards reaching the highest levels of innovation, justifying the strategic planning processes. Integrated systems are being used in the decision-making processes in government offices, in support of the transition process.

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3.1 Innovation

Innovation is the process of coming up with creative thoughts and implementing them. It is a continued process of initiating change in already existing systems with the aim of increasing value and output both in the short-term and in the long-term (Schiliro, 2015). It involves restructuring and remodeling of old systems to new ones that simplify the way of doing things. Innovation enables an organization to meet its markets' needs by creating solutions that can be embraced by clients. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is going through a transitional change and considers innovation as one of its core pillars that will help transform the region into a competitive economy. Innovation in the UAE will enable the region to attain its investment plans by aligning itself with the technological changes in the investment industry (Mellado, 2012). This will create a leeway for economic development for the all industries as the UAE will open its borders to other regions in the world, creating opportunities for business activities.

Economic development will also enhance the foreign income the UAE earns from engaging in trade with other countries from the world. Innovation will also position and brand the UAE as a region that considers technological means to enhance business activities. Local and international investors will be attracted to start projects that will benefit the citizens of the UAE by creation of employment opportunities. Collectively, the development of UAE's innovative levels will enhance the region's competitiveness in the global market. The UAE will reach this level when corporate organizations embrace innovative technologies that enhance business activities. Corporate organizations help build a competitive economy in the Emiratis through their continued creation of new ways of engaging in business.

Globally, the innovative index considers factors like the increase in infrastructure, business and market sophistication, increase of research institutions, and human capital as the main measures of an increased level of innovation. This is because countries that put up research centers have a high probability of coming with new ways of doing business that may transform the economy (Schiliro, 2015). Research centers are also central areas that encourage the human capital to use technology to develop strategies that can be used in organizations. Further, the infrastructure levels in a country determine the speed at which information reaches different destinations (Gieske, van Buuren, & Bekkers, 2016). Both transportation and communication networks enable information and the human capital to move freely without restrictions, which enhances the decision-making processes.

The UAE is attributed to be one of the areas in the world with a sophisticated infrastructure network which eases the movement of commodities, people, and information around the Emiratis (Mellado, 2012). Innovation and creativity in the UAE is a collective responsibility of the Emiratis and governments are taking the right precautionary measures to ensure that individuals and organizations reach the desires levels, which will then contribute to the overall goals. For instance, institutions are mushrooming in the UAE to help the Emiratis in the transition process (Alsalami, Behery, & Abdullah, 2014). The Mohammed bin Rashid Center is a government innovation initiative aimed at attracting and training leaders on the culture of innovation to enhance the decision-making processes in their positions. The center offers diploma certificates to leaders as it engages the students' minds to think towards innovative solutions that will transform the UAE in the long-term. The idea of instilling creative and innovative knowledge of the government leaders is a strategy that will transform the UAE from the top (Mellado, 2012). The leaders' ability to influence their followers will make it easier for the organizations and government ministries to embrace innovation as a strategy for development. Hence, once every government sector embraces innovation, the UAE will have a collective growth in all departments.

The concept of innovation has been supported by the government agencies and the private sector is also encouraged to embrace the idea. This will help companies owned by the government and by the private sector to embrace innovation in their conduct of businesses (Schiliro, 2015). Research centers that will identify new technologies that can enhance business activities are encouraged by the government. For instance, it takes less time to open and start operating such research centers. In addition, international firms that focus on creating innovative solutions for the UAE work environment are encouraged to start operating in the UAE as the government understands both the short-term and long-term effect of such firms (Gieske, van Buuren, & Bekkers, 2016). Creating an environment that stimulates the growth of innovation is encouraged and will enhance the level of development in the UAE.

The UAE government, partnering with private sectors and other stakeholders in the country has managed to achieve some notable progress in innovation in the country. The country seeks to be the leader among the Arab nations to embrace and fully incorporate innovation in all its activities and delivery of services (Schiliro, 2015). The government has come to the realization that the world is going through technological changes due to the development of communication infrastructure, and it has to prepare its citizens and businesses to adopt to the external alterations. Some of the key achievements include the introduction of higher learning institutions that provide e-learning classes, inclusion of smart computers and devices in schools, encouraging the public to use technological solutions in communicating, establishment of a government-sponsored organization that trains government officials, amongst others (Baydoun et al., 2012). The introduction of innovative technology in schools will equip learners with the skills they need to use once they join the work environment. It is also important to teach learners in their young age as it is easier for them to grasp new content than when they grow older.

Economically, businesses in UAE will benefit both in the short-term and in the long-term after they embrace innovative technology (Gieske, van Buuren, & Bekkers, 2016). This is because innovation can be used as a tool to monitor growth, profitability, and in communication with its clients. Organizations operating in UAE not only seek to satisfy and communicate with customers from the country, but also from its international market, meaning that with the use of innovative solutions, businesses will thrive (Mellado, 2012). It is also important to note that businesses in UAE seek to expand and compete with organizations on an international level, justifying the need to embrace strategies that will position the firms from the UAE in the same level with those from nations in the world that have embraced innovation in the conduct of businesses. The justification of embracing innovation as a business strategy for organizations operating in the UAE is that it can be used in any industry. For instance, in the health industry, it will stimulate the growth of research institutes in search for cures of terminal diseases that have affected the human race for decades.

3.2 Governance

Governance is the regulation of activities, with the aim of stimulating a conducive environment for growth. The UAE government is at the forefront to ensure that it develops governing regulations in the conduct of business activities to create an enabling environment for organizations to compete fairly (Schiliro, 2015). The adoption of innovation as a business strategy is encouraged for all organizations and firms have no limit to the extent they can use innovative measures to guide them in the delivery of services to their customers. In fact, the government encourages organizations, both in the public and private sector to develop strategies that can be used by firms across the country. Governance in the business activities stipulates how organizations should behave in the work environment. Corporate governance ensures organizations engage in business as they remain accountable for their decisions.

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) through its governing mandate to the people of UAE has embarked on a thorough training and education process aimed at encouraging the use of innovative technologies that help increase production. MoF ensures that it organizes and holds an annual training programme that aims at developing and increasing the capacities and capabilities of employees from different organizations. The training seminars are open and members of the public are free to join and give their input (Baydoun et al., 2012). However, the governing body seeks to achieve the highest level of innovation strategy, which will equip the members of public with new experiences and ideas that can be implemented in organizations. The ministry is open to interested investors who may be interested in partnering with the government to increase the awareness about innovative solutions in the country. The training workshops act as a governing tool that controls the information circulating in the country.

Governance in organizations is important as it creates an enabling environment for businesses to increase their productivity and investment decisions. Governing the conduct of business is the responsibility of the government bodies that oversee how management teams run their organizations. The government comes up with rules that both public and private investors must meet before they can be allowed to invest in the UAE (Schiliro, 2015). Only investors that meet the governing threshold are allowed to engage in business. Illegal and unlawful activities are not allowed to be done in the UAE business environment as they put the members of the public at risk, while it encourages an unfair competition. With governance, investors are encouraged to consider areas that will bring better returns both in the short-term and in the long-term. Once organizations meet the government regulations, they are given the space and opportunity to conduct their business activities, with little or no supervision (Alsalami, Behery, & Abdullah, 2014). Meeting the legal obligations does not attract the intervention of government officials who are expected to follow up on the conduct of business in the UAE.

Governance entails incorporating a management team in an organization that oversees the operations of a firm (Mellado, 2012). The management team should be knowledgeable in different areas and its vast experience and exposure in the way of doing business should guide it to embrace the latest innovative technological solutions that will transform the workplace. The governing reg...

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