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Commonwealth Games is an international multiple sports event that occurs every four years. Participants in the games are members of the Commonwealth organization. Most of the member states are former colonies of Britain. The 2018 version of the international competition, dubbed as The Gold Coast XXI Commonwealth Games, took place in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (Gold Coast, 2018, n.p). The event lasted 11 days running from 4th to 15th April 2018. With athletes and officials from 71 Commonwealth nations, Festival 2018 served as the principal attraction associated with the Gold Coast 2018 games (Gold coast, 2018, n.p). Festival 2018 was a dedicated arts and culture program that offered diverse forms of entertainment to the population.

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The competition entailed a spectacular spectacle of 18 different sports as well as seven para-sports. There were ten compulsory sports, namely, athletics, aquatics, badminton, boxing, hockey, lawn bowls, netball, squash, rugby sevens, and weightlifting (Gold Coast, 2018). The next eight games including beach volleyball, basketball, cycling, gymnastics, shooting, table tennis, triathlon, and wrestling were optional. Unlike previous competitions, the 21st version of the international multi-sport event featured a comprehensive set of games (Mulvenney, 2018, n.p). The Paralympic athletes competed in athletics, swimming, lawn bowls, powerlifting, track cycling, table tennis, and triathlon. Besides, the XXI Commonwealth Games advocated for equality in sports by holding an equal number of events for men and women.

The Gold Coast city of Australia won the contest to host the games with 43 votes to 27 against Sri Lanka's bid city, Hambantota (Team England, 2011, n.p). The sports event was the largest ever held by the Gold Coast and the biggest multi-sport event held in Australia in over a decade. The main venue for the competition was Carrara Stadium (Hill, 2018, n.p). According to the resource-based theory, the international competition would be a success if conducted in a city with sufficient resources such as physical facilities ("Lecture 2: The business of sports and cultural events, conferences and corporate events," n.d, p. 9). Given the global scale of the event, its success depended on community and sports facilities and a vibrant transport system. The resources of the regional city of Australia had to play host to the thousands of athletes, officials, and tourists.

The Queensland government considered the expensive cost of hosting a large sporting tournament, set aside A$1.5 billion in its budgetary allocation for the games (Miller, 2018, n.p). The funds would help in strategic planning and preparation for hosting the event ("Lecture 3: The event life cycle and event stakeholders," n.d, p.24). The projected income generation was an estimated A$2 billion, amidst other full-time engagements for the local population. Based on the events destination theory, the investment would serve to revamp the city and its grounds, a characteristic of a prime tourist destination. For instance, extensive spending on security boosted the perception of safety.

With 71 nations, including the host country in participation, there were an estimated 6,600 athletes and officials from around the world (Stutchbury, 2018, n.p). With about 23 sports up for competition, the event drew approximately 690,000 tourists to various venues on the Gold Coast. Thus, the country experienced a significant influx in the number of visitors. As the most comprehensive international Games in history, the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth event had one of the highest turnouts of competitors. According to The Guardian (2018), the competition had approximately 1,500 medals for athletes across various sports.

The Gold Coast XXI Commonwealth Games had a wide variety of event stakeholders. The official partners, supporters and suppliers had a significant contribution to the success of the event. Some of the official partners included Longines, Optus, The Star Gold Coast, and Woolworths (Gold Coast, 2018). These organizations shared responsibility in making the event a success ("Lecture 3: The event life cycle and event stakeholders," n.d, p.10). Official supporters were KPMG, Cisco, and Minter Ellison provided financial support to the organizing community. Some of the official suppliers such as Centium Software, Diadora, Motorola Solutions and Mediacom also contributed to the provision of critical products and services to the event.


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