Students With Special Needs: Extra Support for Enhanced Learning - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-02


Students with special needs are entitled to various adjustment on their learning process as well as their environment for study. These students meet different obstacles that can hinder their full participation in their study; therefore, it requires special education. By definition, students with special needs are those that require extra training to support either public or private resources to enhance their learning. The description can be categorized to those with disabilities, for instance, sensory or neurological disabilities. It can as well be students with difficulties; this can be behavioral difficulties or even emotional problems that render them disadvantageous while pursuing their educational journey. Additionally, the students with socioeconomic disadvantages as well as a severe problem in languages get classified to be in the class of special needs students.

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Special needs students should get extra educational facilities; they should even enroll in individual schools, specially catered for those with disabilities. Nevertheless, these students also worth a special classroom to make them match those without special needs (Lemons et al. 4). The method through which teachers implement learning to these students should also differ from that given to regular students. These students as well should have more advanced rights as well as responsibilities to make them have an easy time achieving their educational dreams. There should be an organized channel in which the administration identifies the status of all students.

In most cases, children develop disabilities in the process of growth and development. It can happen immediately after joining schools or later on as they proceed with education; therefore, forms should get issued to all students so that one can fill in the health status. Similarly, the screening system should be necessitated by the administration such that identifying the students with special needs become possible and easy. Teacher-tutor should be channeled directly to these students to obtain information regarding their status such that the rules can get modified for the special needs students (Van Der Steen et al. n.p).

The adjustments that special need students require in their learning process involves learning materials or facilities, advanced communication method, arrangement pf extra co-curriculum activities which are exclusive. Provisions of study obligation are also a way of providing special education to these students with special needs. Schools should also offer carer counseling, which should be given directly to each student with special needs. Different students with disabilities tend to lose hope in their academic journey since they feel less fortunate. The same happens since they compare their status with those of the regular students and consider each other as unable to make it in the education process.

The administration should as well put in place the three federal laws that protect these students with special needs. These laws are essential to students living with disabilities because they are sure they have a body that will speak on their behalf and even fight for their rights (Boudah n.p). These same laws will guide the special need students all through their education in their work seeking field as well as the general life. Moreover, these laws will also help parents or different families know what it entails in supporting a child with disabilities.

The Individuals with Disability Education Act, as one of the federal laws, protect the lives of students with disabilities in public schools. It requires these schools to meet the essential and unique requirements for students with special needs. According to this Act, it outlines K-12 students living with disabilities as beneficiaries of the exceptional services (Boudah n.p). The next federal law is Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, also known as Section 504. It prohibits the discrimination that students living with disabilities might undergo.

Students without special needs might take advantage of other fellow students with disabilities and even utilize them wrongly. Some teachers as well will always fail to do the right thing and expose them to various modes of discrimination. Section 504, among the federal laws, is very vocal against the same and protects the right of these students. Every school that enrolls students with disability, be it a public or private institution, should adhere to this Act and remove the barriers to learning that can hinder the academic success of students with special needs.

The last federal law is the American with Disability Act, which also protects people with disabilities from discrimination. It extends not only in school but also in the job market where the employer should not mistreat people with disabilities. Similarly, the Act stipulates people offering goods and services to keep off from any form of discrimination towards special need group.


Conclusively, students with special needs require improved attention with special education to match those with no special requirements. The same is very important since the disability group also worth the equal right to education, just like any other student. The society should even sound responsible to give a hand in support to people living with disability and should never look down upon them.

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