Essay Sample on Internal Conflict Style: Positive & Negative Impacts on Org. Conflict

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Date:  2023-03-26

How Internal Conflict Style Could Potentially Impact an Organizational Conflict Situation Both Positively and Negatively

Conflict is becoming almost inevitable in most organizations. Various types of conflict can be experienced within an organization; nonetheless, the conflicts may have either a positive or detrimental impact on the general operation of an organization (Longe, 2015). Conflict tends to emerge when a specific party feels that the other party has adversely impacted or is likely to negatively affect something or an idea that the first party feels connect or care much about, thus resulting in some degree of incompatibility.

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Positive Effects of Conflicts Within an Organization

Conflict may be expressed in various forms, such as aggression within an organization; however, this may result in creative solutions and innovative ideas. Conflict within an organization can sometimes be very beneficial if effectively manage and control. Aggressive being one of the conflict styles is likely to have several positive impacts which include:

Productive conflict can initiate social change as some individuals would bring and push their idea regardless of resistance and have their opinions felt and affected. Such social change may, in turn, initiate productivity, and society feels involved and considered in most of the programs of the organization. Some individual tends to demand social change via aggressive attitudes.

Conflict can also inspire group creativity and unity. Some individuals may seem aggressive whenever they are advocating for their ideas within the organization; however, some of such views and opinions may end up enhancing creativity and innovation within the organization. Moreover, effective conflict can improve future communication and also serves as a way in which some of the new members of the organization can be identified. Some of the members are naturally vocal and aggressive as long as they believe in their ideas, and they may tend to expresses such during meetings. Thus it makes it easier for them and their potentialities to be identified and recognized.

Adverse Effects of Conflicts Within an Organization

Any conflict requires to be effectively managed whenever it emerges since some of the conflicts such as aggression may lead to adverse effects on both members of the organization and even the organization itself. Some of the negative impacts of conflict may include the following: conflict may result to some level of mental health issues, especially when a member feels frustrated when their effect and ideas always go unnoticed; the level of production can also be compromised if an organization tends to utilize most of its time in resolving conflicts and also because there may be reduced cooperation to handle a specific task; some member may also decide to quite the organization thus causing brain drain within the organization; and again, some types of conflicts such as aggressive may lead to violence

Strategies to Use in Reducing Conflict

Various approaches can be employed to minimize the impact of conflict within an organization. For instance, in the case of aggressive, a negation strategy would be more effective in addressing the conflict aiming at settling the problems. A manager or team leader would bring the warring parties and strike a balance, and also minimizing some existing perks of the organization members (Ferguson, Rybacki, Butts & Carrigan, 2016).


In conclusion, conflict is inevitable in any organization; however, a modest level of conflict can initiate creativity and innovation. The conflict management strategies need to maintain conflict at a specific level to ensure that most of the opinions are considered to avoid any possible emergence of aggression or any form of conflict. A manager or team leader within an organization needs to effectively manage conflicts rather than preventing or even suppressing them.


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