Paper Example on WCCC Online Education System: A Comprehensive Guide

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Date:  2023-01-16


Due to massive rise and advancement in technology across the education system, I welcome you all to WCCC online education which transgresses on the use of D2L. The course involves use of website to explore the online classes. After taking pretty enough online courses about this system, I can conclude that it serves pretty well in the education process with only a single concept being wrong. However, I will have more exploration of the new system to develop a stable and concrete focus on it before making more comments. Listing of significant drawbacks about the online course is well served in most sections of this course.

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My letter is aimed at providing significant concepts that are pertinent in using the new website, and its significance in an online course as opposed to the traditional one. My letter focuses on the major parts of the website such as:

  • Using and Accessing the
  • and communication between classmates and instructors
  • Significance of in Online Course
  • Demerits of in Online Course
  • Major parts of the
  • Using and Accessing the

Access and use of WCCC need one to visit major websites with have links to the sites. For instance, one can access the platform by visiting different accounts of the website and the student's minds, Logging in requires the student to use his or password to access the major parts. Once the best procedure is chosen, the student can access major parts. and communication between classmates and instructors

The online course is the best way of maximizing interaction between your classmates and instructor. The new website has vast types which ease the interactions throughout the learning process. For example, stresses on the use of Email to communicate with both the classmates and instructor.

Accessing through a Send Email feature makes it stand out in enhancing communication between classmates and instructor. This feature which exists in its section known as "Blackboard features" is first accessed by clicking the main Tool link which is located on the far left side of the main page of the course, followed by the Send Email icon.

Using email for the online course makes learning more accessible ad exemplary as well as make learning more interactive across all avenue. Sending emails reduces the case of face to face interaction as well as reduces learning complications. However, it requires one to remain cautious while using emails to make the interaction valuable.

Significance of in Online Courses

Online courses are majorly associated with flexibility and time saving as compared to the traditional use of blackboards. In terms of time, reduces time complication as well as saves time in the learning process. The website only requires an hour a day or sometimes a week to address significant issues which are valuable in the learning process. Online courses are also money saving as it does not involve any transportation costs, especially in traveling to attend classes. The system does not require use vehicles to reach the required destination. The entire online course is cost and time effective as within a glance; the process is adequately served with both the instructor and student mutual interacts.

Additionally, an online course can be done anywhere so long as the students can access the loggings to the website, Students can take the learning course at their place of residence, and an instruction can be sent to their email addresses for any clarifications needed.

Demerits of in Online Course

The most common demerit that is pertinent in the online course is the lack of face-to-face interaction between the students and the instructors. Due to minimal mutual interaction between the learner and the instructor, communication is entirely dependent on written forms which sometimes does not meet the required learning thresholds a result, due to lack of face-to-face interactions our ability to comprehend learning requirements is jeopardized and the entire session may be rendered passive.

Similarly, the online course is adversely associated with communication lagging between students and instructors. The responses between the student and the instructor usually experience a lag due to communication breakdown under certain circumstances. Lack of adequate understanding of the instructions about the assignment often exposes students to poor comprehension of the direction resulting misinterpretation of the entire requirements. Communication lagging in the online course usually makes meeting deadlines very hard.

Additionally, online courses expose learning to major distractions. In most online coursework, which is being done at home, are subjected to major disturbances, especially due to power breakdowns or poor focus and schedule. The phone is the most common distraction-n in the D2L online course and exposes users to major choices about sticking to priorities.


Through the explicit explanation of the online course processes, I hope you have gained proper insight and useful knowledge of the entire website, and you'll make it your first choice. It is one of the best classes ever discovered on earth and serves credible challenges associated with traditional ways. I will be glad to make it your first choice.

Best wishes in your future endeavors and much success.


Senior Website Controller

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