Environmental Pollution Analysis

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Date:  2021-03-10

Environmental pollution has been a problem affecting human lives globally. Its effects have been felt by both developed and developing countries with both the living and unborn facing these effects. Various researchers have gone on to prove that environmental pollution is causing a high rate of birth defects. China is one of the countries, which have been hit by birth defects especially in coal-rich areas. This is mainly where coals have continuously been used as a source of fuel domestically and source of power.

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Birth defects such as neural tube defects, infant mortality diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life have all been linked to air pollution. In Shanxi province where coal have been their main source of income have had a high rate of neural tube defects where some portion of infants brain, skull or spine are missing. Most of these infants are reported to pass away a few weeks later.

Tong Zhu while trying to analysis the cause of neural tube defects discovered that in us for every 10000 live birth 7.5infants were diagnosed with the same medical problem. Though this rate is relatively high as compared to Shanxi province which is 18 times worse. It was clear that these infants had been exposed in utero to pesticides, industrial solvents and hydrocarbons released into the air from fossil fuel.

Due to a high level of birth defects Chinas Chongqing municipality had to intervene on shutting down of one industry in this country which was an alternative source of electricity when there was a shortage. This industry was using coal as the source of energy and as a result, a huge effect of air pollution was felt to the extent that Chongqing was the most polluted county. After the closure of this industry, the levels of this birth effects reduced significantly in 2005 as compared to 2002.

Environmental health perspectives in March 2013 looked at urban air pollution and birth outcomes from US, South Korea, Brazil, Spain, and Italy among other countries where they examined birth records. They realized that elevation of levels of particulate air pollution resulted in higher levels of babies delivered at the low birth weight in each of the 14 cities in those countries. From this research, it was clear that various countries were facing the same effects of pollution.

The author has proved beyond any doubt that they are so many hard facts about the harmful effects of pollution on humans. Research has taken place all over the world with same effects being noticed. The credibility of these sources is beyond any doubts because many organizations are spending on the same research and coming up with the same conclusions. It is clear that there are no strings attached to the topic whatsoever.

Environmental pollution has turned to be a challenge which has affected many people all over the world. Governments have ended up allocating so many funds to control the effects of it and for the treatment of the affected citizens rather than concentrating in boosting the economic growth of the country. Its, therefore, a requirement to have policies to govern the emission of substances in the environment the governments should also discourage use of hydrocarbon substances as a source of energy. All those found to violate these policies should face the law and action taken against them accordingly. People should also be encouraged to use renewable sources of energy and avoid the use of harmful substances such as pesticides. These measures will result in reduced rate of pollution.

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